6 Signs You Shouldn’t Sleep With Him

Sleep with him
Written by Karen Clark

When sex is in question, there are a lot of things that come through our minds. But, in most scenarios, we are led by our hormones and not by reason. Although that can be fun sometimes, it can also lead you to disastrous life choices. If you are trying to decide whether you should sleep with a guy or not, it’s always a good idea to listen to your intuition, because it is rarely wrong. But if you are still not sure what to do, here are six signs you shouldn’t sleep with him:

You are drunk.

When we are drunk, our minds don’t work properly. Although this should be common knowledge, you should never ever have sex with someone while one of you is too drunk to fully consent to it. It is one thing if you are in a relationship and you have drunken sex—that can even spice things up. But if you are about to sleep with him for the first time, wait until you are both sober. This way, you will avoid regretting things the next morning, and you don’t need that. Besides, maybe something more serious comes out of this fling and you want to remember your first sex with this guy.

You are not comfortable with him.

This is one of my personal number one rules when it comes to sleeping with a guy. It doesn’t have to do with the time we’ve known each other, you just click (or don’t click) with someone. Sex is an intimate act (or at least it should be), and you don’t want to do it with someone you don’t feel connected with or comfortable around. Of course, you are attracted to this guy, but this is not enough. You need to be sure you will feel good about yourself after the sex is over, in order to sleep with someone.

He brags about other girls.

If a guy brags about the girls he slept with, he is obviously a douchebag. First of all, you can be sure that he will talk the same things about you, and why would you want anyone to know your bedroom details? Besides, by doing this, a guy shows he is still a boy and not a man. This is one of the first signs of immaturity. His self-confidence is so low that the only way he can feel about himself is by bragging about the number of girls he had sex with. This was not acceptable back in high school, let alone in adult age. Remember, a true gentlemen never talks!

You fall in love easily.

One night stands and casual flings became a common thing in modern dating, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are for everyone. There are people who don’t connect sex exclusively with love, and if you are not one of that people, that is perfectly okay. If you get emotionally attached easily (and let’s face it, most of us do), casual sex is not an option for you. Accept the fact that you are simply not able to perceive sex as most men do. If you had bad experiences in the past, where you felt bad after a casual sex, don’t try it anymore.

You don’t like the way he kisses.

You are just getting to know each other, things are heating up, and you’ve decided to take things slow. Everything seems perfect, but your kissing styles simply don’t match. If you don’t enjoy kissing with him, you’ll probably won’t enjoy having sex with him either. That doesn’t have to mean this guy is a lousy kisser, it may just mean that you two don’t have enough chemistry or you enjoy different things. If you didn’t click in the beginning, it is not likely that the fire will wake up eventually.

You don’t want to do it.

We all encountered guys who pushed our boundaries and didn’t know how to take no for an answer. Unfortunately, there are many girls, especially young ones, who consent to having sex just to please a guy they are with. This is the most important rules of sleeping with someone. You should only do the things you are completely okay with and do them when you want to. If a guy doesn’t have enough patience to wait until you are ready, it is his loss. Remember that boundaries are of crucial importance in every relationship and that every guy should respect them. Otherwise, he is simply not worth it.

6 Signs You Shouldn’t Sleep With Him