Charisma is an irresistible charm that can inspire devotion in other people.

What is the difference between a charming person and a charismatic one? A charming person is someone you are comfortable with, someone you are attracted to, but it does not mean that this person is also charismatic. A charismatic person has the power to fill an empty room by its presence only, they can be intimidating and at the same time inspiring. So, are you a charming person or a charismatic one? Here are five traits of highly charismatic people:

They are confident and courageous.

They are aware of their qualities and self-worth but in a humble way. A person who will brag about his qualities isn’t very attractive, but on the other hand, a quiet confidence is quite sexy. Someone who is confident knows that he has what it takes to get the work done. Knowing your self-worth allows you to be courageous. Even if they are feeling insecure or doubting themselves, they will face any challenge. Charismatic people take the first step. They embrace their imperfections, and this is why other people can connect with them and admire them.

They have a confident posture and a firm body language.

Your posture can say a lot about you. Charismatic people have a good posture and a firm handshake. They keep their hands visible and use them to accentuate their words. Charismatic people look to their interlocutor in the eyes. Making eye contact helps them establish a stronger connection with you. They do not hold their phone in their hands and they do not look away while you are speaking to them, they are paying attention to the conversation. Charismatic people have an open facial expression; they do not look sad. Nobody wants to talk to a grumpy person; we will all choose to engage a conversation with a person with a friendly face.

They are leaders. Good ones.

They are not bossy. They will not give orders and watch others doing all the hard work. They will pull up their sleeves and help the team. They do not look down at people; instead, they truly care about them. They are the type of person who like and care about others. They pay attention to small details about their entourage and remember. They can relate with others. They will remember your birthday when no one else does, they will ask you how you are doing when they see you struggling, and they will offer you their help.

They listen more than they talk.

Charismatic people are good listeners; they do not monopolize the conversation. Instead, they listen carefully for what you have to say. They rarely speak about themselves; instead, they try to learn as much as possible about you. They listen to everybody. Regardless of your social status and appearance, charismatic people have the power to make you feel important. They have this remarkable capability to make you feel close to them even if you have just met.

Also, they use their observational skills to understand you, with them you do not have to talk a lot, they simply get you.

They are passionate and creative.

Passionate people are inspiring, they are fearless. People respect you when you are passionate about the things you are doing, and they will follow you. Charismatic people have the ability to convince and motivate people through their passion, their integrity. When you are surrounded by a charismatic person, you feel comfortable because you know they are creative enough to find a solution to the problems you are going to cross along the way.

Charismatic people have that “one” thing you cannot really explain, they are attracting you in mysterious way. Being in their presence makes you feel accepted and valued while still being sexy and attractive and this is why we love them. We wish to be charismatic, but can we become charismatic or are we born that way? I don’t really know the answer.

So which one are you, a charismatic person or a charming one?