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You Can’t Take Down A Girl Like Me


I will never let you to take me down. I am someone who is strong and independent. A person who you should fight for not fight against. I am a dreamer and I believe in love. There is no chance to break a woman who will do anything to stand on her feet while struggling with those tough situations that happen to her daily. You won’t ever see my failure.

I have a huge amount of self-respect, and love to myself is concerned into a faith that I am better and more valuable person every day. I am creative and I choose what the best is for me. There is nothing that can surprise me in a negative way, and what happened in the past I take it as a lesson for the future. What inspires me the most are people who have the same view of life as I do, which is optimistic and positive. If it comes to a situation where I have to face a failure, I find my own way to solve it and to keep moving forward.

I am not intrepid but defined. The power of preparation to stand up, to move on, to condone, and keep believing are my strongest weapon against everything that cause me pain. You can’t break me because I am always prepared to face the fear. You can’t make my life change if I don’t want that. Those facts of who I am and what I love are definitely my things.

No matter who those people around me are and who am I dating, I don’t want to let you believe that I value your opinion if you are trying to change me in the way I don’t want to. I don’t need a person or any other thing to tell me how to act or how to love. Be sure that I know that very well. Having a relationship that is good and healthy is even better than being alone. But I don’t search for answers in a relationship. I don’t need answers from it. Love is very important to me and I am a very good lover. I am the best in it because when I love, I am ready for many things and you won’t ever feel lonely around me.

I am very optimistic and happy person, and the passion that I have to offer is hard to handle. When I kiss you, it can never be enough, and I can make you want more and more. Things can sparkle around me. There isn’t darkness around me because I want it that way. The brighter it is, the more filled I am.

Don’t try to take me down, the woman who appreciates only those who are brave enough to fight against everything, just like she is. I am not and will never be interested in cowards. You can’t win me with your wealth because material things are not something I can value. I love those who can chase the dreams and opportunities, who can love as much as I can and who can find purpose in their lives.

Don’t try to break me because you can’t. I will scream, I will continue to create love, I will keep moving forward, and I will always be one step further than you are. When I love it is with all my heart, there are no boundaries and rules for me. Whenever I find that someone is trying to break me, I would immediately get out of that dangerous area and continue living my own way. I know perfectly how to live and love life alone and happy.

You Can’t Take Down A Girl Like Me