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I Refuse To Hide My Weirdness To Make A Guy Like Me

make a guy like me
Written by Aveline

I am a pretty unconventional person. I have strange quirks and flip outs and people can really dislike that. And I am okay with that, but at the same time I couldn’t care less. Especially if we’re talking about men. I refuse to hide my weirdness to make a guy like me.

I will not fake being someone else, someone tame, to make people like me, more so when it comes to romantic relationships. You might wonder why. Isn’t maintaining relationships with other people a lot about compromising? Well, here are my reasons why.

I want my man to like every part of my personality.

I don’t want to be liked only for the peaceful and mild side of my character. And I want the man who is fine with the loud, sometimes annoying side of me too. Because if he loves only good about me, but refuses to accept my imperfections, then he doesn’t really want me or love me.

I refuse to be like people who tricked me in the past.

I am talking about my exes. And I am talking about all the pretending they did, and all the lies they painted themselves with. I never want to be like that. I don’t want to be the person who pretends that they’re something else. Even though hiding my crazy wouldn’t be something done out of malice. But I am who I am. And they better know what they’re getting into.

In all seriousness, all of us have our weirdness.

No one can really judge me for getting pissed off at commercials or getting emotional about television shows as if they’re real life. Because, let us be real, every one of you is a little bit nuts too. You just might do it a little differently. Maybe more acceptable in other people’s eyes.

I like myself the way I am.

Despite being a little crazy, I am still the kind of person that people would actually love having in their life. And I don’t think it’s bragging when you say that, if you say it for the right reasons. And what can be more right than being aware that I know my morals, I am a trustworthy person who’s never gonna betray you, and I don’t play games?

When I am like that, why is it an issue that I still cry over cartoons? Why would I have to change because of that? If you are not willing to accept the whole package, then you’re obviously wrong for me.

If you can’t handle my worst, you don’t deserve my best.

I might have rephrased that a little, but all of you have heard this said before. And it is not famous without a good reason. If you are the person that will only be there through good and easy, but run for the hills as soon as it gets difficult, as soon as I get difficult, I don’t want to spend another second of my time on you. I deserve more than being left at the first sign of trouble, without even trying.

It is a good tactic for separating the weak from the worthy.

If I show my weirdness in all of it’s glory right away, all the men I wouldn’t wanna bother with anyway will run. That way I protect myself from catching feelings for someone that wouldn’t be willing to stick around for me. The ones who stay are the ones I will invest myself in. If I were to change and pretend I am something else, I would be stuck dealing with guys who would never be able to handle my personality.

Relationships will never be perfect anyway.

I need a man who sees that. A man who knows he is not perfect, and I can’t be perfect either. A man who is aware that relationships are a lot of work, and they will have their ups and downs, whether I am a little less crazy or not. So, the sooner he learns to live with it, the better it will be for the both of us.

It would come out in the open eventually.

You know you can’t pretend forever. I could try and ”change.’. I could force myself to be someone else, but you know it is not possible to hold it in for that long. It would have reemerged sooner or later. And hiding is really not my thing. I would rather just be open about it from the beginning because honesty means a lot to me. And you can’t really expect it, if you’re not honest yourself.

Hiding my weirdness would make me go crazy.

Do you know how complicated and tiring would it be to always rethink and supervise every move I make? How hard it would be to try and suppress my natural self all the damn time? It would only create huge amounts of stress that would eventually be transferred to my relationships with people. And what good would that be?

Would you want to be with a person who stresses you out? And in that scenario, I would be both, the one who is being stressed out and the one who is stressing out her partner with her own stress. That is not what I would want for myself. I want a person who appreciates me being relaxed and myself around them, the person who feels good enough around me to be equally relaxed and comfortable.


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