15 Signs You Are Not An Introvert, But a Highly Sensitive Extrovert

highly sensitive extrovert
Written by Naida

We can describe most people as introverted just like extroverted at the same time. We only choose which one of those is more recognizable. It is not easy to make a distinction between meanings of these two features. But, if we compare these two to a description of a highly emotional person, we can notice that there are some differences. An emotional person is someone who can be overly sensitive, more intuitive and passionate than an average person. So in order to make sure we know what describes us the most, we need to make the difference between meanings of these traits. When we know who we truly are, we can easily live our life and build it normally.

– You don’t have a problem hanging out with people, but if you can choose who you want to hang out with, you certainly would. When you are around someone you don’t actually like, you get tired and bored. So, you choose to be with those people who make you feel really good, who make you happy, and who understand you.

– There are few of your best friends and you maintain connection with them. While you feel good by being around those meaningful people and giving them as much attention as they need, others may think that you are pretty extroverted.

– You are trying to be good to everyone. Many people like if everyone around likes them or finds them interesting. If you desperately need everybody to like you, you have some issues or fears of not being loved or accepted.

– If you love to be in love, you are very sensitive and romantic. You are passionate and very careful. You act by your emotions. Both breeds, introverts and extroverts, can be in love, but introverts will spread their love a lot more.

– Even though you think that you are happy enough by being alone, when you think about it a little, you will figure out that you are not really. It confuses you sometimes but you can’t find whether it is better to be alone or have someone around.

– You have your own imagination and dreams and you like to share those with people around you, more than keeping it inside of your own world.

– You used to be extroverted in your childhood and liked to hang out with other kids and invite them to play all together. But suddenly you experienced some unpleasant situation and you closed yourself into a shell. It could be just a phase that will pass; you only need to figure it out so you could get over it.

– While you are someone who can easily reveal other people’s feelings, you can find out if they are happy or sad and understand the way they think and feel. In that case you can help them to get over something by giving them some good advice, or you can feel uncomfortable by empathizing with them.

– You have serious troubles when you need to face someone’s issues because you can’t help but feel their problems in a higher level than they do. So, you feel like you want to run away in order to avoid your influence in that situation. The stress that you feel is unbelievable and it makes you a highly sensitive extrovert.

– You like when people accept and know you, no matter where you come. You find it very satisfying when you get into a coffee shop or another public place and people know you. Also, you have ability to speak and spend some time with anyone around you.

– You choose who you are connecting to. Trust is very important to you, so you choose wisely who you can trust and who you can love a lot. When you finally get in touch with someone, that person is safe and loved like no one in the world. It really does need a lot of time for you to open up and build a trust, and when you finally get that, there is nothing that could ruin that feeling.

– You love to hang out with other people, but you have certain limits. You get bored quickly because getting in touch with different people takes a lot of energy. If you have a period in which you are likely to hang out, you would have a period to take a rest afterwards. You need a limit.

– There are times when you need your own peace, so you choose to ignore people even though you are close to them. It does not matter that they are your friends and that they want to know how are you feeling, you choose to isolate yourself and to not pay attention to them.

– You are an independent kind of person who likes to do things on your own. You don’t like to have group works, because other people’s opinions distract you from yours. On the other hand you gladly like to share your work with others, but when you finish it. You value others’ opinions as long as they don’t affect your deed.

– If you could describe your perfect life, you would choose a decent person who you love and who loves you, some valuable friends, and narrow circle of family members. You are not an introvert who runs away from people, but you want to have those who you consider as great ones worth keeping.

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