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10 Small Things That Mean The World To Her

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Written by Peggysue

If you are wondering how to capture a woman’s heart, there is a list of small things. If you do those small things, you can be sure that you will get her heart, because those small things mean the world to her. All those little things will make her feel special, they demonstrate your love.

So here are small things that mean the world to her.

Holding hands.

Almost every woman loves when her partner holds her hand. It is so romantic. Also, holding hands reduces stress, so maybe that is reason why women love holding hands. Whenever you can reach for her hand, it will make her happy and she will have a smile on her face.

Listen to her without trying to fix what is wrong.

Whenever she has some problems, and when she is talking with you about that, don’t try to fix things. She just want you to be there and listen to her, she will fix it all by herself. Just be there and listen to her carefully. She will find out how to fix it all by herself, but she needs to talk with you about that, so listen to her attentively.

Give her compliments.

Almost every woman loves compliments. So don’t forget to compliment her on a daily basis. It will make her feel special and valued. Tell her that you don’t know what you would do without her. Don’t forget to tell her how happy she makes you. Also, you can tell her that she is perfect just the way she is, and that you adore her. And you can tell her that you are so proud of her, that you validate her, and that you are her support. Don’t forget to compliment little details, her new hairstyle, her dress, etc.

Give her compliments in front of others.

This means so much to her. You show others that she is your girl and that you are proud of her in every possible way. She will love it, maybe she will blush just a little bit, but she will definitely love it.

Don’t forget to be her prince and her knight in shining armor.

Probably every woman in the world loves when a man is a gentleman. Open the door for her, pull the chair out for her. Give her your jacket when she is cold. All these little things and gestures will make you the king of her heart. So be a gentleman, and you will have her heart.

When you are struggling with something, ask her for advice.

This way you will show her how much you appreciate her opinion. She will know that you honor her mind. Also, whenever you ask her for her opinion, you are saying that she is smart.

“I understand” means a lot for her.

With those words you will show her how much you care about her and that you really want to be close with her. Understand her feelings, understand all stuff she is struggling with, and she will appreciate it. Even more if you tell her “I understand.” So don’t forget those two power-packed words.

Small things mean a lot, so surprise her with your thoughtfulness.

There are many ways how to surprise your love. Every woman loves unexpected gifts or gestures, so surprise her. You can buy her flowers, or buy her favorite perfume. When she is out of the house, do the laundry. Prepare her a dinner, surprise her with a cup of coffee at work. Give her a back rub when she is tired. There are many things you can do for her, so don’t forget that small things mean a lot.

Don’t forget to say “Thank you” in a heartfelt way.

Don’t forget to value her effort, acknowledge all things she does for you. “Thank you” means much more than you think. She will appreciate it because with those words you will show her that you are really grateful.

Help her relax.

Show her how much you care for her well-being, so do some things to help her relax. She will appreciate it. You just can hug her and cuddle with her, you can give her a massage. Also, you can clean up the house, so she can sleep and relax for a while.

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