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10 Signs You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

the best relationship
Written by Deborah Carbone

I haven’t been lucky enough yet to come across a relationship like that. But by observing couples around me, and my friends in love, I am pretty sure I have all the signs that will tell me with certainty once I enter the best relationship of my life.

These are the signs that will tell me when it comes to that.

Your smiles light up when you see each other’s faces.

If you still feel the immense surge of happiness when you see your partner’s face after the last time you’ve seen them, it is very obvious. Your relationship is a great one, and you still make each other happy.

You watch each other when the other one isn’t paying attention.

It is a sign that, after so long, you still can’t stop admiring each other. So you enjoy watching each other when you’re doing usual things, like brushing her hair and shaving his beard. Or watching them while they read a book. It can be especially rewarding when you catch each other doing it. And it will definitely make you smile.

You can speak your mind.

This is a great sign, when you feel so safe and relaxed to be able to just say whatever is in your mind, without fearing you will sound stupid or boring. If that’s not the case, if you find yourself hesitating instead, because you are afraid of the reaction or a disagreement, you might want to find a new partner.

You will not feel like you are boring your partner.

This is when you know how great things are. When you know that you will never be perceived as a nuisance by your loved one. They won’t mind you yammering on about things or being ”improper.” You can simply be yourself, without any shame. You know your partner likes you, no matter what.

You will not feel bored.

Even when you’re lazy, doing nothing. You can spend a day watching absolutely senseless television programs and still be capable of making it fun, because you are sharing it with someone you love.

You always have ways to make each other laugh.

If you do that, if you share the joy and laughter, and always find new ways, just to never stop the smiles, you have it good.

You feel the need to grow.

Being in a relationship is a lot about making each other better people. One good sign is if your loved one makes you want do all the things you never did before. Also, if your partner makes you a better you and inspires you for many new feats.

You are happy just living those little moments.

Like laying and cuddling before sleep. Or eating dinner together. Driving around in a car, listening to music while going on some last minute road trip. Hearing you partner breath rhythmically in their sleep. Whatever it is, it just gives you so much happiness to be able to live those things together.

You still miss your partner.

Even though some separation is good for your relationship, it is still hollow in your chest when your partner is not around. It is a great sign to still miss each other after all the time you spend together and all the years you’ve been together. It shows that your relationship is right for you.

You already planned out your future.

You have been so happy together that you know for sure you want to spend a lifetime with your partner. If you catch yourself discussing and planning the shared future, you can be sure that there will be a happy one waiting for you both. As long as you stick together.

If these are the signs that mark your relationship, you can be sure that it is your perfect, long-lasting one that you have been waiting for. So be careful not to do anything that could cause you to lose it forever.

10 Signs You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life