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To All The Brave Kids Who Broke up With Their Toxic Dads


People, don’t worry. You will be just fine. There does not matter what he was like, it is you who had to put the point on your toxic relationship. He was someone who put you down, he was never there for you, and you remember exactly how much you needed him in some situations. You know how weak he was, how many times he turned out to be selfish. He couldn’t give you that amount of love that you needed from him. I believe your heart is broken because you needed to deal with this specific breed. But after all, after you couldn’t stand more of his bullshit, you ended your connection. You broke up with  You may be hurt now, but certainly you will find out how brave you are for getting rid of toxicity you were in.

To be honest, it is very nice if you ever had a chance to have good communication with your father. After all, he made you. But as in everything in life, there need to be some effort from both sides. Your father needed to be someone who shaped you, someone who would teach you all important lessons of life. He should have shown you how to love and respect people, but also how to be independent and careful. You wanted to have someone who could teach you to be strong and to never abandon things but to fight for them. There is no giving up on people and things, and you had to learn that alone.

It was really his task to show you how life works and what you should do when you spot someone’s intention to hurt you.

Our parents and especially fathers should be there to teach us how we should never be afraid to make something new and to show ourselves in the world. You should have learned to accept love when someone is giving it to you and to embrace passion. Fathers should be the backbone when you need him and when you are not sure if anything will be fine.

However, you didn’t have any intention to give up, but you know that you can’t change people from who they are. Suddenly you realize that you are broken more than you are happy. And it was about time to end things. You need to be aware that it is not up to you, it’s not your fault. You chose to get rid of a toxic relationship with your father. He should have always been there for you. That’s what fathers are for.

Fathers are normally making an effort to be by the side of their children, yet you didn’t feel like you had support when you were facing heartbreaks. You missed his help to get back up. He didn’t try to know who you love, what is it that makes you happy, what kind of person you are, what you are dreaming about, and many other things. He didn’t want to know your thoughts and plans, so you didn’t have a chance to know his either.

Yes, you need to agree that you would not be here if it weren’t for your father, he made you. But you don’t want to let him destroy you because you learned to love yourself first and to be strong and independent being a person who is happy to live a life, who takes every opportunity that is offered to you.

His toxic behavior may hunt you, and it makes things harder every time you need to get closer to someone. He left you with a scar and your vulnerability is very uncomfortable. You don’t want painful situations anymore; you are done with them. There is no way you will let someone spot your pain and feel sorry for you.

You needed to let go of the only man in your life that you needed to be there. And what makes thing sadder is that you had to let him go at the point of life when you really needed his presence around you. But you know that you don’t deserve disappointments all over again. It is an award that you need.

When you finally choose to let go and break up the relationship with your so-called father, you can be wide open to love other people as much as you wanted him to love you. You won’t be filled with toxicity, there won’t be anyone who can stop your intention to make your dreams come true and to embrace every possible opportunity that is offered to you. You are ready to find people who support you in what you are doing, they love you for who you are, and they are showing you each day how special you are.

Love that you feel for your father will never disappear, but you will be successful and complete by loving him with a million miles of distance between.

To All The Brave Kids Who Broke up With Their Toxic Dads