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This Is Why Most Men Can’t Handle Empaths

most men can't handle empaths
Written by Karen Clark

Throughout my entire life, people were always telling me that I was too sensitive. Later, someone characterized me as an empath. At first, I didn’t fully understand what that meant, because I never felt special or different than anyone else. Yes, I am more compassionate than others, but isn’t that the way we should all behave? Then, I did some research in order to completely understand this concept, and I realized that empaths are people who always understand other people’s emotions. Empaths are known to be highly sensitive and are able to perceive and feel other people’s emotions as their own.

When you are feeling down around an empath or there is something that bothers you, he or she will not only see it, but they will also be compassionate to the point they will also start to feel the same emotions you are feeling. An empath will always give their best to try and fully comprehend whatever it is that you are going through. That is why an empath will always give too much in every relationship.

When I started to think about it, I came to the conclusion that I was always the one who gave more in my past relationships. Even when I received too little from someone, I gave myself completely. When I loved someone, I loved them unconditionally. It was probably because I was always fully aware what the other person was feeling. When I am in a relationship, I would do literally anything just to see my partner happy. It is impossible for me to be happy while he is experiencing some negative emotions.

But what I couldn’t get myself to understand is why my relationships didn’t succeed if I was trying so hard. Although you would expect men to appreciate this, it is actually totally the opposite. Most of my boyfriends had a problem with my high sensitivity. At first, I thought of myself as being too weak and overly emotional and that I was the problem. But, as years passed by, I learned that my empathy is my strength and that only insecure men have a problem with it and can’t handle it.

Empathy usually comes hand in hand with honesty, and although everyone will tell you they want sincere people in their lives, it is far from the truth. The fact is that, in most cases, people just can’t handle the truth and try to stay away from anyone who tries to point out to the truth. An empath will always tell you the truth, no matter how painful it can be, even at the cost of the relationship. Most empaths don’t know how to lie and can’t handle anything but the bare truth, no matter how harsh it is.

Whatever they do, empaths do it with a full heart. Empathetic women have a complex personality, and they don’t want shallow relationships. They always know what they want from life, and therefore, they rarely get themselves involved in casual and meaningless flings and affairs. Empaths form deep connections with people around them, including friends and romantic partners. If they enter a relationship, they expect it to be committed and meaningful.

They are always loyal and devoted to their partners and expect the same treatment in return. But, in modern society, most men are not ready to fully commit to their significant other and that is why they simply can’t handle being in a relationship with an empath. And most men can’t handle empaths. When in a relationship, empaths seek a partner with whom they can have a deep, spiritual connection. They want to have a true emotional intimacy with their loved ones, and unfortunately many men simply can’t give them that, because they only connect intimacy with sex. And an empathetic woman is always very well aware of her emotions and is not afraid to show them.

If she is vulnerable, she will not be ashamed of it and will not hesitate to let you see her like that. Also, she expects that you too are open about your feelings. But that can sometimes be hard for men to deal with, so they decide they simply can’t handle being with an empathetic woman.

Knowing all this, I am aware that being with an empath can sometimes be challenging and demanding. But I think that the depth and the magnitude of love and understanding we provide for our partners is definitely worth it.

This Is Why Most Men Can’t Handle Empaths