This Is What Happens When You Meet A Guy Who Doesn’t Play Games

when you meet a guy who doesn't play games
Written by Deborah Carbone

I’ve had my fair share of players rampaging through my life. The ones playing hard to get and always making me wait. Those that kept expecting me to chase after them all of the time. It took me a while to tell myself that it is not the way I want my life to be. And a little bit longer to decide I am never going to settle like that again. There are guys out there that won’t be interested in playing games. So, this is what happens when you meet a guy who doesn’t play games.

There is no need to decipher his feelings.

Whatever they might be, he will speak out and it will leave no space for guessing. So if he is into you, he will make it clear. If he doesn’t really like you and is not interested in trying anything with you, he will make that clear too.

You will worry less.

If you send a message or call him, but he doesn’t pick up, so you wait for a call back, it won’t leave you stressed out and worried. He will make sure to get to you as soon as possible. Not only because he values your time and mental health, but because he likes to talk to you and he wants to.

He doesn’t shy away from his feelings.

He acts on them and doesn’t fear them. That means that he will invite you on a date as soon as he realizes he’s attracted to you. And when he is sure he loves you, he will say it the first chance he gets.

You will not feel the need to have your walls up.

When you come across a man like this, soon you realize that, unlike players, he doesn’t pretend and lie. So there is no need for you to be alert all the time. You won’t have to question everything he says or doubt the motives behind his actions. It’ll be easier to put your trust in him.

You will not fear admitting your feelings for him.

Since he is always so open about everything, it will be much easier for you to be that way too. Whatever you might want to tell him, it will be without any pressure. Especially when it comes to admitting your feelings for him.

You won’t lose your self-esteem over him.

All of his attention will be focused on you. A man like that doesn’t stay in questionable contact with exes. He doesn’t flirt around, whether you are present or not. And when he gives you a compliment, it’s always a thoughtful one, without any double meanings.

You’ll never wonder where you stand with him.

You will never get that stupid ”I hate labels” talk from him when you want to know if whatever you’re having is a real thing or just a physical relationship for him. He will be honest about it and tell you right away if he wants you to only be friends with benefits, or if he actually has feelings about you and wants you to be his girlfriend.

Either way, you will not be forced to guess and overanalyze every word he says and every move of his. He will tell you if he’s willing to make room for you in his life.

You’ll realize that love and relationships don’t have to be hard.

After being through so many overly complicated relationships in your life, you find it hard to believe that there are actually men out there that don’t make it hard. Men that appreciate your honesty and reciprocate in the same manner.

You will finally be able to express yourself and your feelings without freaking men out. Instead, he will react by expressing himself too.

He will never make you doubt yourself.

If it happens that the relationship doesn’t work out after all, you will not be left in the dark, wondering where it went downhill and whether it was your fault. He will not resort to childish moves, like ghosting you and disappearing without a word. And he has been honest the whole time, he will be honest about that too.

He will make sure to give you closure and tell you why exactly does he think it will not work. That way, you will not be left fearing and avoiding new relationships because you think there is something wrong with you.

This Is What Happens When You Meet A Guy Who Doesn’t Play Games