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Never Stop Making An Effort When You’re In Love

never stop making an effort
Written by Deborah Carbone

There is nothing worse than allowing the romance to fade away when you love a person. It is not right to treat them like the center of your world at the beginning, and then not pay enough attention to them later on. Never stop making an effort and never take your partner for granted. Also, always keep in mind how fortunate you are to have them in your life.

Effort should be made each day of your time together when you love a person. It doesn’t have to be something over the top every time. It can be about little things sometimes.

For example, doing the laundry, even though your partner was supposed to do that, because you know they have to stay late at work and you wish to make it easier for them. It can also mean wearing a piece of clothing you got from them, at least from time to time, because you want to show them you appreciate it even though you don’t quite like it.

Effort can be about bringing them their favorite food when you come home, or laughing even at their unfunny jokes. It means going with them to watch a movie you dislike, just because your partner really wanted to see it with you.

It means noticing their new look and giving your best to compliment them in a way that will show them how serious you are about it. And it means holding her things while she’s trying on clothes. It also means watching a game or two with him, even if you don’t care about sports, just to spend time together.

Making an effort means checking in with your partner when you said you would, even if your schedule is packed. You don’t want them to worry. It means calling out of the blue just to hear their voice, even if you texted a minute ago.

It means showing off your partner to your friends and family, and to the whole world. Either by taking them to cute, little dates where you know you will be seen, or by putting up photos online. Truth be told, you don’t really care if anyone sees any of it. It is about showing your partner how proud you are that you have them by your side.

Sometimes it means planning a perfect date or a whole trip, to the last detail and all by yourself. You are doing it so your partner could relax completely for a change, and enjoy without having to do a single thing.

It can mean avoiding the new episode of your favorite television show because your partner has been busy, and you always watch it together.

Making an effort also means to attend this thing they’ve been talking about for a month. The one that you absolutely dread, but you go anyway because you promised and it means the world to them.

Sometimes, making an effort is completely effortless because words are enough. Like reminding your partner how precious they are to you. Or saying those simple three words.

Making an effort can be about holding their hand while they’re freaking out at the dentist’s office. Or never, ever forgetting the good morning and goodnight kiss.

Making an effort is more about the little things than anything else. Those things that can be done in a blink of an eye. But as little as they might be, so little that sometimes you don’t even pay attention to them, the weight they carry can have a bigger positive impact on your romance than any grand gesture could.

Never Stop Making An Effort When You’re In Love