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Good Boyfriends Don’t Stay Friends With Their Exes


No, this can’t happen. Good boyfriends don’t stay friends with a woman who used to share their bed with them. The woman who used to cuddle with them also is the one they told many secrets to.

The thing is you are with a new girl who you started with because she fits you. Why the hell do you still need to be available at midnight if your ex calls you and ask you for a favor? She might be lying to you in order to find some space to be alone with you. Intentions may be very different and you should be able to recognize the intentions of a girl you used to be with.

Your new partner is someone you want to prove yourself in the best light. A situation where your ex is calling you in the middle of the night may show your partner that you are still not ready to get over with it. It can be considered as emotionally cheating on your new partner.

Your new girlfriend will certainly feel bad because you need your ex as an emergency person in your life. It is easy to look at it like you never actually got over each other. You may have considered that you don’t have responsibility to delete all of your people in your life just because you have a new relationship. But think about how your girlfriend feels?

If your girlfriend does not have a chance to prove herself to you as loyal and trustable person, she won’t stay with you. You don’t see her trying because you think you already have your person. What makes you a fuckboy boyfriend is that you don’t want to compromise in your new relationship even though you see that bothers your girlfriend.

You are not brave enough to move on, and it often happens that you want to be with both girls. While you are with the one, you are trying to find any possible situation to tell another one that you will be available in a few hours.

What is more awful, he tries to show each of those girls how he feels something for them. So, it is not only about sex, but emotions are included.

The more space you, as his girlfriend, are giving him in order to make him feel comfortable with you, the more he will lie and use every situation to see another woman. He also won’t leave you, because he has exactly what he needs. Once you become an emotional cheater, it is hard to get back into normal shape.

Fuckboys are very specific type of boyfriend. They will certainly show you respect but not more than would make you feel satisfied. If he, though, feels that you are giving up at any point, you would be surprised how much effort he would make then. He would do anything to keep you close. You and many other girls, because he is very ambidextrous.

You have many friends and those who you consider as friends are not your crashes. Friends are supposed to be there when you need them. But not to spend night with them without your girlfriend knowing. Not to hang out with them talking about your past times spent being together.

Since you are a rational being, you won’t ever let it happen to get into a relationship with a boy who is seeing many other women. At the beginning you may let him convince you that those women are in his past and they just remained as his friends. As soon as he makes you believe in that, he will turn the page and start seeing them over again.

The saddest thing is that many girls will stay attached to a fuckboy in order to not be alone. They will keep justifying them because they have enough attention at the beginning. They will try to fool you with those false friendships as long as you are letting them believe that you trust them.

You can’t predict the fact that he is a fuckboy in the beginning, and when you doubt it, he will assure you that here is nothing to worry about.

At some point, when you realize that you really deserve more than being with a liar, you will be able to move on and leave him. People don’t like to change for anyone unless they are really interested. In that case they will try to change past habits and try to be more committed to only one person.

Fuckboys don’t consider any relationship serious, and you will easily spot that if they don’t want to end their past relationships. So, if you are the only one who is trying to make things change in the better way, you better be somewhere else. Don’t lose your love, time, patience, and energy with a guy who is not worth it.

They will never change and they will never be committed, available, loyal, or honest to only one woman.

Good Boyfriends Don’t Stay Friends With Their Exes