I decided that I’m starting a new life with 2018. I promise to myself and to God that I will believe in him over anyone else. No one is more important to believe so much in but God. His plans are the best plans, I won’t try to change them, I will not try to influence the plans. In 2018 I won’t try to make all impossible things work. And I am going to respect all his plans, there is no need to keep knocking on a door he decided to close. God will be my only guide, and I won’t let other people guide me. I am not going to follow other people, instead I will let God guide me through my life.

Before, when I felt lost, I was looking for help from other people, I needed them when I was in pain. But in 2018 I am running to him when I feel lost. Only he will understand my pain, only he will understand my feelings. All my life I was looking for love in wrong places. But in 2018, I will ask him to fill my heart with love. And I know that God will give me the strength and the patience. Life is hard, but with his help I will be fine. Nothing will hurt me because I will have him on my side, and that is all I need and all I want.

I should never underestimate my ability to let go of something. So in 2018 I am letting go all things that are not meant for me. Other people, their opinions led me in what I should believe. But 2018 is year of change. I will let go of all bad things, all negative thoughts. And I will let go of all things which should not be mine. God will help me to let go of all my fears, my fears of losing people, all things that I don’t need in my life. In 2018 I will trust in God’s judgment, because he knows the best.

All my life I have been pessimistic, there was no light in my life, just darkness. But in 2018 I will stop being such a dark person. Never in my life I was grateful for the lessons that life was giving me, I just was asking him “why? why?” So in 2018 I will start looking at the lessons. I decided that I will be more positive, more open-minded. God is writing my story and I am sure that it will be the beautiful one. Life is hard, there will be pain and many, many lessons and hard times, but I believe in God. So he is not going to give me things that I cannot stand. There will be a happy ending for me, I know. My dreams and my wishes will come true. My story will be the most beautiful story in the whole world.

I never listened the words he was whispering to me, but in 2018 I will wake up. And I will understand all his signs. Nothing will be difficult with him on my side, he will give me all answers. He will be by my side when no one else will. God will make me whole again. Faith in him will heal all my wounds, all my scars will be gone. He is my teacher, he will give me the best lessons, he will show me how to be strong and patient. I will just let him do whatever is meant to be. His magic will make my life better.