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14 Little Ways He Is Confessing His Feelings To You

confessing his feelings
Written by Lauren Dover

Men express their love in many different ways. But sometimes for many of them, saying “I love you” can be really tough. Many of them are afraid to speak about their emotions, and to say them aloud. But actually there is so many ways they say “I love you” without using these words. So here are little ways he is confessing his feelings to you.

Long-lasting and passionate kisses.

Who doesn’t love passionate kisses? Almost everyone loves long-lasting kisses. So if your man constantly initiates kisses, and every time you can feel passion, you can be sure that he is very excited when he is around you.

His buddies actually like you.

If his friends really enjoy your company, and if you have a feeling that they are starting to warm up to you, it could be that they are sure that you are making their friend happy. So they find you really awesome the same way your man does.

He tells you things he never said to anyone else.

He doesn’t have a problem talking with you about all those things he never said to anyone. And he is not afraid to talk about his dark sides and his baggage. That is because he trusts you so much, and he is sure that you will hold all his baggage.

He keeps his promises, and he does exactly as he says.

If he promises something, you are sure that he will keep his promise. When he says that he will show up, he will. Through those little things he is confessing his feelings to you.

After kissing he has smile on his face.

You can be sure that he cares about you if he has a little smile on his face after kisses. With that little smile, he shows that he really enjoys your company. And that there is no reason to doubt his feelings.

He holds eye contact with you for longer than four seconds.

If your man just can stop looking at you, so you can be sure that he is trying to get to know you. Whenever you two are talking, he stares at you. You can be sure that he really cares about you.

He listens intently.

You can be sure that he loves you if he listens closely when you are talking. No matter what you are talking about, he listens to you intently, and that way he is showing how much your words mean to him. So there is no reason to doubt his feelings.

Calling and texting for no reason.

If he is calling you or texting you for no reason, it can be a sign that he really feels comfortable when he is talking with you about anything. Also, this way he shows you that he is thinking about you through the day. 

He sticks around.

When he likes to spend time with you, and when he likes to do activities together for no reason, that can be a sign that you really mean a lot to him. He just can spend all day with you, because he wants to get close with you.

Talking about future.

He talks about a future with you, and he is not ashamed to tell you his dreams. And very often you two are talking about your future plans. Because of this you can be sure that he has real feelings for you, and that he really want you to know his feelings.

Hair ruffling.

When you are together he tends to run his fingers through his hair more often than normal. He is actually nervous, so it can mean that he wants something intimate but he just can’t find the right words.

Little but meaningful gifts.

Those gifts don’t have to be expensive, but no matter how much they cost, he shows you that he wants to make you happy. And he just want to brighten your day.

Spontaneous touching.

With spontaneous touching he wants to show you that he wants to maintain physical contact.

He is territorial of you.

Actually, he really likes to have his arms around you when you go out. He likes to sit next to you. his body language shows you that he really likes you and cares about you.

14 Little Ways He Is Confessing His Feelings To You