Bad relationship habits actually have a power to destroy your relationship. After dating someone for a while, bad habits can be easily formed. There are many bad relationship habits that should be broken before getting married. Here are eight bad relationship habits you should definitely break:

Checking out your phone too much.

Gazing into your phone without reason while you are eating dinner, or while you are just relaxing after a long day, can disconnect you and your partner. Spend your time together in a right way, there is no need to gaze into your phone while you are together. I don’t mean that you don’t have a right to use your phone at all. But definitely need to reduce the use of the phone.

You expect that your partner reads your mind.

No one is a mind reader, so don’t expect your partner to read your mind. If you want something, ask for it, don’t expect them to read your mind. There is no guarantee that you will get everything you ask for, but you need to ask. Actually, asking is a really good sign of strength. So don’t wait and expect them to read your mind, ask.

“Honey, do you love me? “Darling, how much do you love me?” Stop asking these questions.

It is a really bad relationship habit if you constantly ask your partner if they love you. It can be really annoying. Stop asking all the time how much they love you, because it can make you seem insecure about their love. There is no need for asking if they love you, you should never ask questions like this.

Threatening to leave when the things get tough.

You should definitely drop this bad habit. If you are ready to commit to marriage, then there is no reason for this kind of threatening. Who wants to marry a person who every time when things get rough is threatening to leave? Through the good and bad times, remember that. When the going gets tough don’t threaten to leaving, just don’t. Talk and talk, communication is the key to everything.

Getting stuck in a boring routine.

If you are dating for a while, and if you live together, you should definitely break up the routine. Actually, before marriage it is good to break the routine. Step out of your comfort zone and start having adventures. Change the pattern of your way of living, try something new.

Trying to make your partner jealous.

Do you make your partner jealous because you want to punish them for something, or to get their attention? Just stop doing that. It is a really bad habit, and you don’t want it in your life. There is no need for playing games, talk with your partner. You two are going to get married, so getting married is all about building a secure base. And jealousy won’t help you at all.

Playing the blame game.

This habit is really bad. Some couples are blaming each other for their own mistakes. This habit is actually a toxic habit. One partner is always defending, and the other one attacks constantly. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Learn how to take responsibility, learn to say sorry, to apologize. We all make mistakes, so it can happen to anyone. But don’t blame your partner for your own mistakes. Stop with this habit. Talk as adults, don’t blame each other.

Constantly questioning where they were and with whom.

Try to have a conversation like an adult. Don’t be suspicious. If there is no reason to be suspicious, just don’t be. If your partner wants to share it with you, they will. Stop asking and grilling your partner about where they have been and with whom. There is no need to control their life, you can only make them angry, defensive. You can insult them with all those questioning. So stop doing this bad habit. Trust your partner until they persuade you otherwise.