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12 Old School Things Will Never Go Out Of Style

old school things will never go out of style
Written by Peggysue

Love exists since the world exists and will exist until the end of world. We fall in love, we love, we are loved. It is true that some things changed through years, many of them, but love is still here. The way of showing love might be changed, but we are still capable to feel love. It would be beautiful if we do things and handle them like they used to be. I do not say that the new generation doesn’t know how to show love, but “old school” love is something I really, really like.

Just think about your grandparents, think about time when they were young.  I want that kind of love. Old school things will never go out of style, so here are some examples of how to.

Flowers, flowers, lots of flowers.

When I think about old school, the first thing I think about is flowers. It is true that flowers don’t live forever. But the money we spend on them is worth. With that money we can buy something different, something better. But with flowers there is no mistake.

Coming to the door to pick up your date.

Damn, I love this one. It is pretty amazing when your date comes to your door to pick you up. It is so simple, but it means a lot. And this gesture actually demonstrates class. And who don’t like it?

Don’t hang out at home, go on date.

Actually, I can spend a night all by myself in my house, in my room, in my bed. I don’t say that it is not nice to just relax with your partner at home, but why not go on dates? I really love the idea of dates. There is no need to go every day or night on a date, but from time to time, it would be really nice to go on date.

Opening the door.

Let’s be honest, many of us can count on one hand how many times someone opened the door for us. But it is a nice gesture. The little things means more than we think.


We definitely should reduce the use of technology. I don’t say that we should never call our partner or text them. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend that time together in some nice place, instead of talking on the phone. I think that spending time together, not on the phone, is really ignored, more than it should be.


Dancing can be the most intimate and romantic moment. And when I say dancing, I don’t mean club dancing or something like that. I mean dancing hand in hand, face to face dancing. It is really romantic, and it does not cost us anything. But actually gives us much more.

Compliments, compliments, and more compliments.

Liking picture is not a compliment, and that is definitely not flirting. Instead of commenting on the picture, try to give some compliment. Tell them that they look pretty, beautiful, handsome, etc. You will see how much compliments mean. I promise.

Don’t text, call.

I think that calling is a way better than sending a message and texting. Hearing someone’s voice, listening the way they are breathing can really make your day better. So instead of texting, call.

Keep the plans.

If you have plans with someone, you should keep them. Actually, this shows respect and interest. This way you will show that you care. Don’t be a person who cancels plans at the last minute, they suck. And definitely don’t show up belligerent. It is not just your time, it is also their time, don’t waste it. Don’t be a jerk.

“Ask” them to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Exclusive titles are not always necessary. But it is really nice and heartwarming, and confirmation doesn’t hurt.

Dress to impress.

When you go out, dress to impress. I mean it, really. Go out of your way to look your best. This is a nice reminder of how lucky your partner is to have you in their life. I don’t mean that you always, like always, have to look like you came straight from the catwalk. But it would be nice to give the maximum in your appearance from time to time.

 Holding hands.

Holding hands is the cutest and also the easiest old school gesture. There is nothing wrong in holding hands. But this doesn’t have to be done always. But this old school gesture should never die out.


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