5 Things That Turn Off Most Women

Turn off most women
Written by Karen Clark

When you are just getting to know a new person, it’s always hard to present yourself in the best possible light, although we all try to do it. You may be a great guy, a loving and caring boyfriend, and probably seem like a perfect catch, but it seems like you just can’t get a chance with girls. You go out on dates, but you simply can’t pass the phase of dating and start a functioning relationship and you don’t know why.  Every woman has some deal breakers and things she doesn’t want to see in her future partner. Although everyone is different and has their own standards, there are some things that turn off most women, and maybe you should ask yourself if you do some of these things.


    Not Having Manners

    Maybe society has assured you that girls fall for bad guys, but be sure that real women simply love gentlemen. Even if you think of yourself as a bad and tough guy, you should have good manners and etiquette. If you are rude and behave inappropriately, no real woman will ever lay her eyes on you. Manners are one of the first things we notice on men, and if you lack them, that will be a huge turn off for most women. This doesn’t mean you should only behave nicely to her, it is also important to be nice to the serving staff and have proper manners in the restaurant or everywhere you go.

    Being Petty

    If you are constantly nagging and complaining about every little thing, rarely any women will perceive you as relationship material. We simply don’t expect this kind of behavior from a guy and don’t see it as masculine. Of course, you should always let her know and tell her if something is bothering you, but don’t ever be petty and passive aggressive, because that doesn’t turn any woman on. You just show that you are oversensitive and that you are constantly irritated by everything, but in the same time, you never do anything to change the things that are bothering you so much.

    Being Selfish and Narcissistic

    Some guys are self-centered and narcissistic, without even being aware of it. If you are in a relationship, you need to realize that this is a partnership and you cannot expect that everything turns around you exclusively. You need to be ready for compromises and you need to think about your girlfriend and her needs and emotions as well. Not everything can nor should be about you. If you act selfishly in the beginning, every woman will just think that you are not ready for a committed and long-term relationship and will immediately give up on you. I am not saying that you should stop being yourself and always put her first, but try to find the middle way.

    Also, don’t be narcissistic about your looks. Of course, always take care of your hygiene and make sure you are properly dressed, but we don’t want to be with a guy who spends more time in front of the mirror than we do.

    Being Immature

    If you are past your teenage and college years and you don’t have any ambitions, don’t have a steady job, still live with your parents, and don’t have the intention to move out any time soon, spend all of your days playing video games, no mature woman will see you as a serious dating material. You are an adult and you should start acting like one. Immature behavior is one of the biggest turn offs for every woman who knows what she wants from life. Most women in this age are trying to find a mature, responsible boyfriend who will be their partner through life and you are everything but that.

    Lack of Self-Esteem

    When a woman is interested in you romantically, she is not looking for a friend who will always agree with everything she says. She is looking for a man and a partner. It is perfectly reasonable for you to be nervous when you first start dating a girl, but if you show indecisiveness and too much insecurity in the beginning, you will get nowhere with her. So show some initiative at least in the beginning. Show her that you are a self-esteemed man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to get it.  Always be a gentlemen, but keep in mind that every woman wants a strong and a self-confident man who will show he has what it takes to be with her.

    5 Things That Turn Off Most Women

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