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5 Things That Can Be More Intimate Than Sex

more intimate than sex
Written by Karen Clark

Maintaining intimacy is crucial for every healthy relationship. But many people actually don’t know what intimacy is and connect it only with something sexual. Intimacy is much more than that and it can be shown in different forms and shapes that don’t have to include sex. Of course, sex is of crucial importance in a relationship, but there are also other ways of showing love and affection to each other we often forget about. Sometimes, we can express the way we feel with the help of our body language better than through any words. Here are 5 things that can be more intimate than sex:

Looking each other in the eyes

They say eyes are windows to the soul. When you truly look into someone in the eyes, you can find a lot about that person. Although you may think this is a cliché, looking your partner deeply in the eyes is a form of true connection and it helps you bond with them. Many think it is a waste of time, but simply staring in each other’s eyes and not doing anything else besides that is very intimate, because it causes arousal and will make you more emotional. Although eye contact is not a form of physical intimacy, it is more powerful than you think.

Cuddling and sleeping together

It is common for couples to start sleeping in separate beds after years of marriage, and that is one of the biggest steps towards losing intimacy. Sleeping together and cuddling before sleep is more powerful than you think and is not just about making love and having sex. They say it is easy to have sex with someone, but you truly love someone only when you can wake up next to this person. The act of being able to sleep next to each other and just be in each other’s arms without having to have sex is very intimate. The time you spend in bed is the only period in the day reserved exclusively for you two, so try and make the best of it. You may have different biorhythms, but always try to go to bed at the same time together.


A hug is the biggest expression of love and affection there is. Hugging is a protective impulse before anything else. When you hug someone, you show them you are there for them and you show them they have your support and company, no matter what. Hugging is a kind of a bridge between everyday life and the bedroom. When you hug your partner after a long and stressful day, that is a sign that they are not alone and that you have their back. After all, when you hug someone, you feel their heartbeat, and what can be more intimate than that?


How long has it been since you enjoyed just kissing with your partner, without it leading to sex? Remember that a kiss is not only a sign of lust, it is also an intimate act between two lovers. When you kiss your partner, you show your deep connection to them. It is sometimes that strengthens the sense of closeness and belonging. We all live busy lives, and it is not rare to not have the time and energy for sex, but kissing will help you to maintain emotional attachment and is always a good way to heat things up when you feel that romance is dying out in the relationship.

Hand holding

While we are younger, hand holding is a huge deal. But as we grow older and our relationships get to another level, hand holding stops being so important. We become obsessed with sex as the only form of intimacy, that we often forget these small intimate acts, such as hand holding. If you stopped holding hands with your partner, try to make it a habit again. Although you think it is not that important, hand holding is actually a powerful statement. It makes a declaration that you are connected to the person standing next to you and that you feel proud you are with them. Besides, it is a great form of bonding.

You have probably noticed that many happy couples hold their hands automatically, without even noticing it, because they have the need to always keep in physical touch with each other. And what is best, you can hold each other’s hand anywhere and anytime.

5 Things That Can Be More Intimate Than Sex