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77 Ways She Tells You She Loves You

she loves you
Written by Lauren Dover

When you love someone it is actually more than these three little words “I love you.” It is pretty amazing how much weight those words carry. But actually there are many, many other ways a woman who loves you can show and actually prove her love for you. She loves you and shows you in every other possible way that she loves you.

So if you have doubts about your woman’s love, there are ways she shows that she loves you, without using these three words.


  1. When you smile, she smiles.

  2. She misses you heaps.
  3. She gives you a chance.
  4. It’s all in the face.
  5. She cries in front of you.
  6. She tries something you love even if she doesn’t feel comfortable with it.
  7. When you enter a room, her surroundings melt away and reality seems to disintegrate.
  8. She looks at you without saying anything.
  9. She trusts you unconditionally.
  10. You are her number one confidante.

  11. She invents a million silly pet names for you.
  12. She goes out of her comfort zone to try something you love.
  13. You are the star of her nighttime dreams, both naughty and nice, too.
  14. She cooks your favorite meal.
  15. She reminds you to take your medicine.
  16. You have great sex, and you have lots of it.
  17. She texts you to tell you about her lunch.
  18. She rolls her eyes at you.
  19. Her warmth is the effortless kind, especially when it comes to caring about you.
  20. She sends you a makeup-free selfie.

  21. She reaches out to you in the middle of the night.
  22. You can rely on her.
  23. She holds your hand tightly.
  24. She asks you for favors.
  25. When you’re with her, you can’t help envisioning the future.
  26. She doesn’t shut you out.
  27. She remembers the little things.
  28. There’s nothing more comforting than her presence.
  29. She expects you to tell her the truth.
  30. She hugs you tightly and makes you swear that you will never let her go.

  31. You are really her lover, accomplice, and life partner.
  32. She gives you a shelf in her bathroom.
  33. She farts in front of you and makes jokes about it.
  34. With her at your side, you are relationship goals.
  35. She’s vocal about her feelings and desires.
  36. She’s there when you need her.
  37. You’re part of her circle.
  38. She gets close to your friends.
  39. When you are not feeling well, even just a headache, she helps you out as much as possible.
  40. She lets you invade her personal space.

  41. She does things that are “out of character.”
  42. When you are having a conversation, she looks you in the eyes.
  43. She goes above and beyond.
  44. She names your penis.
  45. When it comes to her, everything seems clear cut.
  46. She imagines a future with you.
  47. She’s not afraid to tell you the truth.
  48. When you show that something you want to do means a lot to you, she supports you.
  49. She knows all about you.
  50. She gives you all her attention.

  51. Her love is unconditional.
  52. She compliments you.
  53. She asks a lot of questions, because she wants to know everything about you.
  54. For her nothing is more important than you.
  55. She does sweet little things.
  56. She wants to get to know your family.
  57. Her friends are now your friends.
  58. She is there for you no matter what.
  59. She gets a bit jealous.
  60. Your ex-girlfriends are her best and worst topics.

  61. She calls just to say hi.
  62. She asks about your day.
  63. You have met her family.
  64. She always has a smile for you.
  65. She makes sacrifices for you and you do the same for her.
  66. You still catch her checking you out.
  67. She loves bragging about you.
  68. She makes sure everything is perfect.
  69. Everything about you is a big deal.
  70. She’s your biggest supporter.

  71. She doesn’t try to change you.
  72. Every word you utter matters.
  73. She indulges your guilty pleasures.
  74. She fights fairly.
  75. You can be completely honest with her about anything.
  76. She has her own life outside of your relationship.
  77. She makes you feel good about yourself.

77 Ways She Tells You She Loves You