We make promises more all the time. You promise something to yourself or to someone and you end up like you didn’t find the way to keep a promise. But in 2018 let yourself to start over. 

New Year is in about two weeks. People try many things when the New Year begins. They try to stop smoking, they try to work more or respect themselves more, but as soon as January passes they somehow forget about promises and get back into the shape they are used to. When the New Year comes, try to forget your failures and pains. Try to make a step forward and don’t look back. What happened is in the past. Starting over in 2018 would be perfect for you.

Start over your so-called love life.

There is no time to turn back onto failed relationships, but try to open up to meet someone new in your life. Don’t let the past swallow you. Whoever made you feel bad and less worthy, now it’s time to let them go. Don’t look back on those who broke your heart. Don’t be mad because of it, but look at it as a good lesson to start over again. Meet some new people and let them in your life, but stay away from those who hurt you.

Try not to be insecure but give people a chance to prove themselves. Learn to love yourself but don’t be alone. New Year will definitely bring you surprises, so learn how to accept them. Be open to new acquaintances and new relationships. Leave those people who made you feel less worthy and welcome people who will try to make you love them.

Start over new friendships.

Don’t stay into a toxic friendships, don’t make your so-called friends make a fool of you. Break those friendships which make you feel unhappy. Don’t let the person who you can’t count on to fetter you when you want to meet some new people. In 2018 refresh those friendships you had no time to cherish during the past year. Learn how to recognize valuable friends and thank them for being in your life. Also try to avoid those toxic people who make you feel bad for who you are, better said, those who don’t respect you.

Start over dreaming and be more ambitious.

Dedicate yourself more time than you usually do. Try to find out what makes you happy or what job you would like to do. Don’t be lazy and don’t waste the year. Time goes by fast so don’t let yourself be unproductive in 2018.

There is no time to be frightened. Have self-respect and make sure that you are doing things that make you feel good and filled.

Start over feeling with your whole heart.

Even though when someone hurts you, don’t be in high dudgeon. Learn how to forgive. Ask how to learn to love. Don’t let anything break your great personality and never ever give up on yourself.

Give yourself an opportunity to make things better in 2018. Make sure that you are flourishing because you don’t deserve anything less than that.