Through our relationship, I never chose myself. Always you were on the first place, you were the most important. I and all of mine was never important. Actually, you didn’t care about me like I cared about you. And this is the first time that I am choosing myself. This time I will be more important than you. I put myself on the first place. Maybe you are now confused, and you don’t know what is happening. I will explain everything, not because of you, because of myself. You need to know that I am gone forever if I leave, and I am leaving.

Darling, I choose myself over you, because you never did anything to make me feel loved. You didn’t, right? Now I am leaving, so get used to all the days that you will spend without me. Never again will I wake you up with my voice. I am not going to be there when you need me, because you never were by my side when I needed you. The most important thing for you was yourself, not me, not anyone else, just yourself. I am going to be the best thing you ever had, but I am leaving now. You have all the time for yourself. I won’t be there, get used to it. Now you are alone.

I know that is really hard to believe that I am leaving, but it is true. You are looking at me, you are scared, because you are losing me. I become immune to you, your voice, your touch. Nothing of yours affects me. Not anymore. It’s time for you to stop being my addiction.

I am gone forever.

And you made it. It is all because of you. Darling, you actually never cared about me, never. You were selfish, you only cared about yourself. And all this time, you never asked me how I was doing, or if I was happy. Never. Nothing was my fault, maybe it is hard to believe, but it is your fault, all of this.

This time I am leaving, and I won’t come back, I promise.

My heart is not broken, you didn’t shatter my soul. I am just disappointed in my choices. Nothing else. How could I fall for you? You don’t deserve my love, you don’t deserve me. Actually, you never did. My heart was broken many times before you, but this time it is not broken. Someone like you could never break my heart.

I can’t lie, I need to be honest and I need to tell you that I cried, I cried a lot. But my tears weren’t for you, because you hurt me or left me wounded. All my tears are just because I didn’t leave you before, because I didn’t leave you when I saw that you were just using me. I should have left you earlier, and I stayed. But this time I am leaving.

Now you are going to be alone, and being alone might teach you how it was for me all that time when you were not there for me. When I needed you by my side, you were never there. Maybe the time that is coming will show you how it was for me when you chose to spend all night somewhere else with someone who wasn’t me. I need to ask you, were all those nights worth it? Were they worth my tears? You are going to ask yourself so many questions, and there won’t be any answer. Maybe you will find out how it was for me. I don’t want to sound bitter, but I hope that you will go through the same. I hope every time you hear my name, that shit fucking hurts.

You never should have underestimated my ability to drop you like you never meant anything to me.

Because it is happening, you won’t see me ever again. I choose myself over you. Get used to life without me, because I am tired. I was complicated for you, everything was too much, I was too needy. But guess what? Someone would give everything for me. Now I know that you were never worth my time, never. And I don’t need anything from you, keep your words for yourself, because nothing is going to help.

There is no doubt that I could stay with you, I could fight for us. But for what? You don’t deserve me, you don’t deserve me to fight for us, for you. Actually you never were mine, and I was giving my best, I was fighting for you, for us. Now I am fighting for myself. I am leaving. I am gone forever. Don’t try to find me, don’t call me, just don’t. You had your chance and you screwed it. You didn’t know that I am gone forever if I leave. And this time I am leaving.

Tragic for you that you lost me, baby.