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Having Sex Isn’t The Only Way To Be Intimate With Your Lover


It is completely natural to experience disinterest in having sex with your partner. There are many reasons than can cause these conditions, such as having a new family member, period after some health problems or operation, or you don’t feel like sex is important at some point of your life. Things are variable and it doesn’t matter what your reason is, it should be respected from your partner. Even though the reason is good, time and situation that you two are about to face is not easy at all. Lack of sex can cause misunderstanding between partners. Your partner misses your intimacy that comes with sex. You may wonder if there is any way to be intimate with your lover without having sex.

During sex you two have kind of communication with feelings included. The thing is, if you don’t have that way of communication, you should try to find out some new ways. In that case even if sex is not at the first point, it won’t be tough task to maintain the relationship with new a connection that you discovered.

If you make an effort, your new ideas will come to your life. Sex, as well, will return into your life sooner or later, but meanwhile you can save your connection by trying to be intimate in some of these ways.


Sex is not the only way to have physical contact. You have so many other ways and if you make sure you don’t lose it, a lack of sex for some time would not be a problem. Loving touches you can give to your partner and those which you receive from him are always a good solution for temporary replacement of sex. The physical bond will maintain for sure if you take just a little bit of time for it.


Daily obligations that we all have often make us forget the importance of spending some time alone with the partner. You may get stuck in a daily routine, and you don’t even remember the last time you had some break together. If you are able, try to book a nice restaurant you both love visiting and have a decent meal.


You can’t find anything more relaxing than a massage after a long and exhausting day. It increases intimacy between you and your partner and it also is very deep relaxation. Don’t be too crude or to soft, but try to find the way your partner likes it the most.

When we talk about water, it is a very powerful thing to relax your body and mind with. You can create closeness more than you can imagine. Take your partner naked in bubbles perhaps with a glass of good wine. There is no pressure to have sex, yet it is a very sexy idea.


Any sign of affection is likely when you have a lack of sex. During the day and in between your obligations, try to find time to hold a hand of your partner. Kiss him or her more often in order to assure him or her how things and your feelings are the same, just without sex. Make sure your partner knows how you appreciate his or her presence in your life.


If you maintain all the talks you normally have, there is nothing wrong. Keep telling your partner how your day went, what you are dreaming of, what ideas you have for the two of you. This way you will maintain the intimacy and healthy connection in your relationship. Also if you or your partner is not satisfied with the current situation, open up and speak for yourself. The more open you are for conversation, the better relationship you two would have.

If you make an effort during this time where lack of sex is on point, to compensate intimacy in some other ways, your relationship will stay very good. It is important to understand each other and to respect each other’s feelings. When the time comes you will have more passion you had before a break from sex.

Having Sex Isn’t The Only Way To Be Intimate With Your Lover