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Don’t Come Back To the Person Who Destroyed You

Written by Naida

It is very sensitive when you do something in affect and then, after a while, you regret. Also, it’s not good when you find yourself weak and lonely and you desperately need someone to be by your side. Don’t assure yourself that you are the guilty one, because you are not. You did the best you could and there is nothing more that needs to be done. If that was worth it, it would stay the way it was. 

What is over, is over, and you should never go back to toxic people or bad places just because you feel lonely or broken. A person, who might actually break you, definitely can’t fix you afterwards because things don’t work that way. Your heart is not a puzzle so it could be connected and fixed after it breaks into pieces.

People always give another chance because they believe that things will be much better this time. They think that things and those who were not good at first could really become better. But while you are wasting time by giving chances to someone who once fooled you, somewhere out there might have been a person who doesn’t have a chance to prove oneself at all.

Once again you decide to try all over with the same person, but you mostly end up broken now and again.

You are afraid of changes but you truly try to believe they have changed, but have they? They would maybe try to cover themselves at the start, but eventually they would reveal that they have not changed at all. People have issues when they need to change themselves.

At the start you feel like you are doing the right thing. You see how someone is trying. You feel how they care more than they were before in a relationship. But, you notice soon enough how they are the same as they were. You remind yourself why actually things didn’t work out first time.

When you are constantly turning around to the same person, you show her or him that no matter what they do or say, you will stay. You can easily forgive and they find it easy to manipulate. Even if they say sorry, they probably don’t mean it. After an apology you are back at the start with your partner doing the exact same thing he just apologized for.

The thing is, when you love someone, you desperately need him or her to be your dream partner, not an asshole who doesn’t have a heart. You are a good person and you believe things will change because you once had a partner who won you with his nice behavior.

You hate to see someone’s failure, and you never imagined how deep your person could go. But you need to be aware that there is no place for you down there. The person who drags you down is not good for you. You don’t deserve to be down because someone is that selfish. Try to stay far away for your own health.

Despite the fact that it ended up terribly bad, you would not give another chance if it wasn’t good. You were a happy and full person, much more alive than you are now. But you realize soon enough how hurt you were and you start to agonize yourself for getting back.

No one in the world can replace them, and certainly no one can assure you how bad they are for you. You still want them and that fact is very hard to explain.

You only need to know that you deserve and owe yourself much more than that.

Self-respect is a very important part of your life and relationship with someone. You don’t get back to a person who easily hurt you more than once, because they don’t deserve chances. They will never change, especially not for you.

I know it is very hard to deal with emptiness when you miss someone, but it is not good to be with someone who makes you feel insecure and sad. Since they don’t have an intention to change for you, why waste the time? It is unhealthy and it will never be better.

Learn how to have respect for yourself and fight against everyone who doesn’t respect you. Stand up for yourself.

As soon as you learn to deal with pain, you won’t find it hard to put the point on things that are not fine for you. You have to know that it is better to be alone and happy than with someone who makes you feel miserable.

People should choose what is best for them, which means they should choose their partners depending on how they behave to them and whether they are going to be happy together. Don’t come back to the person who destroyed you. 

Every person should choose and create their own fortune.


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