8 Ways To Compliment A Guy

Written by Deborah Carbone

It is not very logical to think men do not enjoy compliments as much as women do. They have feelings and insecurities too, and they also need an ego boost from time to time.


    You might wonder what would be the best way to do it. Well, for a start, instead of trying to change them all the time, you might try to tell them what you do enjoy about them. Here are eight simple ways to compliment a guy successfully.

    Be straightforward.

    If those are the kinds of compliments he gives out to you, there is no reason you wouldn’t do the same. He tells you that you are pretty when you are all dolled up in your new dress. He tells you how amazing you are when you accomplish something new. Why wouldn’t you tell him how handsome he is and how much you love anything about him, without too much delay?

    Compliment him to others while he is close enough to hear you.

    Hearing how you feel or what you think about him is a nice feeling on its own. But hearing you say it to other people when he thinks you are not aware of his presence will make it the greatest compliment.

    Send him a compliment in a message.

    Do you find yourself thinking about him throughout your day? Maybe daydreaming about your time together and thinking of the things you love about him. Then why not tell him that?

    Send him a little text message to tell him you’ve been thinking about him and how much you like the way he is. That little surprise sign of affection is guaranteed to brighten his day.

    Keep it real.

    Never ever say things you do not mean. Not just any compliment will work. It has to be heartfelt, because if it’s not, you can be sure they will notice something is off.

    If you give him a compliment just because you know he would like to hear it, but don’t really see it that way, he will think you are being insincere, because there is nothing else about him worthy of complimenting.

    Be particular with your compliments.

    Guys can be very literal, so it can happen that giving him a general or vague compliment does nothing to him. That is why you should try to be particular about things you like about him.

    If you like his body, tell him what you like about it. For example, that you just love his butt. Maybe he doesn’t have a six pack, but you can tell him if you’re really enjoying when he is holding you with his strong arms. If you think he is gorgeous, tell him that too. Or how much you love his smile. Possibilities are infinite.

    Give out a respectful compliment.

    You know how much men value being respected. It can be more important to them than being liked by people. That is why you should think of compliments that will tell him how much respect you have towards him as a person, and that you approve of things he accomplished in life. If you think he is someone worth looking up to, make sure he knows it. It will make your guy very proud.

    Being grateful is a form of compliment too.

    When you show him how grateful you are to him for what he has done, it is like telling him he did something right and how great he is in one short sentence.

    What can be a better compliment than knowing he is doing good things in your relationship and you appreciate him for it?

    Show him how much happiness he gives you.

    Showing your guy how much happiness you feel when you are around him is a compliment as good as any. Everyone wants to be in a relationship with a happy partner. When you show him he is the reason of your happiness, it will feel as an accomplishment to him. Something that he can be really proud of.

    But, the biggest compliment that you could ever give to him is letting him know you love him without any reservations, just the way he is. And you always will, even if he makes a mistake from time to time and isn’t always the perfect man he thinks you deserve.

    8 Ways To Compliment A Guy


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