There are some things about men that we wish we knew from the beginning. It is not only men that are having problems understanding women. Sometimes, we are having an equally troubling time with trying to figure them out. What should we know about men?

But when we do manage to do it, that is when it gets easier for us to find a partner that suits us best and to establish an amazing relationship with said partner. It also gets easier to maintain a healthy communication and solve whatever issues you might have.

Here are 8 things you should know about men:

They don’t want to be those manly beasts all the time.

You know how they are considered the tough ones? They are always required to be strong and big, they have to act a certain way and do certain things. Otherwise, others might label them as weak. They might say that they are not ”real” men. (Whatever that should be.)

Even though men usually are the stronger ones, at least physically, they still need the chance to be vulnerable. They need a safe haven where they can unwind, especially if they are hurt and sad. They need place where they can let their emotions go and feel support while they are going through it. So, they might not say it or want to admit it, but they really appreciate that we are wired in such a way to be in touch with emotions and to be able to handle theirs, when necessary.

They do love to cuddle.

Just as already mentioned, they will not want to admit that because this is another one of the things that is not considered manly. But be careful, just because they do love to cuddle after all, it still doesn’t mean they love it or want it as much as we do.

They can be mesmerized with little things about women that you would never think about.

Some things that are purely an instinct to us, things that are as normal as breathing, can seem to them as something adorable. We might not understand it, (actually, we do, we love things about them that are equally strange to adore), but they can be very appreciative towards some little things.

For example, something as simple as the way we tie our hair up. The way we pick up the stray lock of hair and tuck it back behind our ear when we are focused on something. The way we write, the way we respond to our favorite songs, the tendency to fill up our living space with flowers.

This goes for handling emotions too, like being understanding and gentle towards them whenever it’s needed. They appreciate all of it, even though they might not mention it.

They sometimes like chick flicks and ”girly” shows just as much as we do.

He might have caught a glimpse of it while you were too focused on your favorite show to notice he is paying attention too. He will probably never say it to you, or his friends, but he might be very invested in them.

Let’s face it, all that female drama can be very addicting. Also, they have feelings too, so it is not hard to imagine they might secretly enjoy that romantic movie you dragged him out to watch with you.

They despise ”those days” of the month as much as you do.

Yes, they do not actually have to put up with the pains of it. But let’s be real here, a lot of us are real vermin when we are PMS-ing. (Guilty.) So, when that time is near, they know that they are in for being guilty for everything and doing everything wrong. Especially if they ate the last of the food we were really craving at that moment. I mean, I am having a hard time with myself those days, I can’t imagine what it’s like for others.

They like being complimented.

It doesn’t matter how much they seem like they have no insecurities, they do. So if you think his hair looks great, or you like the way he dressed, maybe you love that perfume he is wearing, or the way he is smiling at you, tell him.

They do quite a lot of things just to impress you.

Some things that seem to you as something they usually do, might not be so natural. They want to show you they care and they are able to protect you, so they might start acting tougher than usual when you are out together. Or if you strike up a conversation about things you enjoy, they will try to impress you with the knowledge they might have on that topic.

Same goes for little gifts, or taking you to your favourite restaurant as a surprise. They just want you to see that they pay attention and would like your approval for it.

They tend to hide their emotional distress.

If you feel that something is off with him, but he doesn’t want to admit it, it’s probably because of some past emotional traumas. Since they are made to think that admitting pain is emasculating, they will have a hard time dealing with what they feel. They express themselves differently than we do and it will take some time before they are able to talk about it.

One way to help them with it, is to approach them when you suspect they’re going through some distress. Tell them what you see, and let them know you care and you are there for them whenever they want to talk. Creating a safe space for them to let it all out will help them finally open up about what’s bothering them.


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