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8 Secrets Girls With Soft Hearts Keep


We all know a girl with a soft heart, on the outside they look tough and confident, but inside they have a big heart full of love and kindness. This kind of girl is always trying to do the right thing, she plays by the rules and she always looks after your feelings. Here are 8 secrets girls with soft hearts keep:

– She is always defending you even when she knows you are lying. She will make excuses for you, she will give you second chances because she wants to believe you and have confidence in you. But know this, she knows what you are doing and yet she chooses to give you the benefit of the doubt so don’t abuse her kindness. You might think that she is a fool but she knows exactly what she is doing.

– She is a very generous person and she wants this generosity back. She will never ask for anything in return but deep inside she is expecting something back. Believe me, she isn’t asking too much. Just a little sign of attention towards her, a little surprise, some time to rest, and she will be a very happy girl for sure.

– Even though she has a soft heart, she is a badass. She is the most joyful girl you know. The one you introduce to your family. She is full of love and because of that she has a very protective side. She will defend her loved ones even if it means she needs to become aggressive. Be careful, she is not joking.

– Everything is about details. She knows when your birthday is. She also knows what your favorite color is and what your favorite flavor of ice cream is. And she pays attention to little details because she cares about you and wants to make you happy. Everything matters, even the silly things you don’t even know about yourself.

– She is constantly questioning herself and often feels guilty even when it is not her fault. She is the “yes type,” and she will always try to fulfill your wishes even if you don’t deserve it. Once in awhile it would be nice if you try to do something nice for her. Don’t push her away; be there for her just like she is there for you.

– She is a dreamer. She is dreaming about a pure, breathtaking love. And she is imagining your future together. Maybe sometimes she is exaggerating but she can’t help herself. In her head and in her life you’re playing a major part, she is picturing you in years and making plans for the both of you.

– Sometimes she cries. Most of the time she does that when she is alone and when the pressure is too hard for her. She cries for hours until the pressure drops down. And when she finally stops, she is a brand new girl ready for the challenge life has for her.

– A girl with a soft heart, as much as she loves you, won’t hesitate to leave you. If you are not taking care of her and if she is mistreated, she will leave you. This kind of girl won’t let you take her for granted. She knows what she deserves and she goes for it.

Girls with soft hearts are precious. She goes from crying while watching videos of puppies to being your most dedicated defender.

8 Secrets Girls With Soft Hearts Keep