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Wait for the Person Who Is Ready to Fight the World for You

wait for the person who is ready to fight the world for you
Written by Karen Clark

It seems that modern society and modern dating have changed romantic relationships forever. Somehow, both sexes have been convinced they have more than one option and hardly anyone tries for anyone anymore. Boys don’t put an effort to be with girls anymore like they used to. If you don’t show an enormous interest right from the start, nobody thinks of putting the slightest effort to seduce you. They automatically assume that you are too picky and are just playing hard to get. Not many boys will understand that you probably need some time to get to know a person and time to be relaxed in front of the new guy. Instead, most guys will simply move forward and look for another girl who they assume will be less demanding and easier to handle.

It is similar when it comes to more serious relationships. People run away on the first glance of problems. Real, serious, and committed relationships should not be like that—you two should be there for each other through good and bad, through thick and thin. Each relationship has its issues and nobody is perfect, but many people unfortunately are not aware of that. It seems that everyone wants a fairy tale and almost nobody is ready for hardships that every relationship brings and that sometimes cannot be avoided. It is easy to be in a relationship when everything is great. But, in a real commitment, love and courage is shown through hard times.

If a guy doesn’t fight for you and is never willing to chase you, he is not worthy of your time or energy and is not worthy of you. You need someone who will love you with the same intensity through the good and bad times. Wait for the guy who will love you, no matter what. Wait for that special someone who will always have your back and will always be there for you. Wait for the man who will make you feel wanted, loved, and desired in every moment of your relationship. Wait for the person who is ready to fight the world for you!

Once you find this person, you will only then see what true love should look like. We all think we loved or were in love with some people and think we have experienced true love, but until we feel that someone would carry the world on their shoulders for us, it is not love. The right person will do anything to see you happy and nothing will be impossible for him. For this person, there will not exist anyone or anything more important than you and your relationship. He will always put you first and will always find time and energy for you. This man will love you enough to sacrifice himself for you if it is needed and will care for you enough to compromise for you and for the sake of your relationship. He will stand by you through the worst times and will always believe in your relationship. This man will be brave enough and will always have the strength needed to stand in front of everyone. There is no force that can stop him when it comes to the person he loves. He will never give up on your relationship and on you. Instead, this guy will believe in you two even if you stop believing, and he will always give you hope for a better tomorrow. He will even fight you for you.

This man will do whatever it takes for your relationship to work out, because he will understand that a mature relationship needs effort and patience and doesn’t happen on its own. Real relationships are constantly worked on and are a 24/7 job.

Remember, when there is a will, there is a way. So, don’t ever trust guys who are constantly making excuses not to give themselves completely. If someone is not ready to do all of this for you, then trust me, he is not the right guy for you, and although it is hard to admit, he doesn’t love you enough.

So, wait for the guy who will always be willing to fight for your happiness and for you. Although you may not believe it, he is out there. Don’t waste your time and energy on guys who clearly don’t deserve you. Instead, just be patient, because a guy worthy of you will come along, sooner or later

Wait for the Person Who Is Ready to Fight the World for You