This Is Why You’ll Always Remember Your First Love

Written by Deborah Carbone

Nothing is ever pure as that first time you fall in love. New people came and left from your life after you and the first person you ever fell for went your separate ways. Still, you always seemed to remember your first love.

After a while, you found the one that is going to stay by your side forever. Despite believing your current partner is right for you, your first one is still present somewhere inside you. You have realized long time ago that it is where it’ll always stay.

Every time you remember your first love, these are the things that will come to mind, things that always stay with you.

That time you met.

It is hard to forget the day and place where you first met. If it is possible to visit that place, you might still do it sometimes. The only reason you do that, though, is because it brings back the warmth and happiness you felt then.

I know I still remember the first contact made with my first love, even though it was more than fifteen years ago. I remember how he looked at me. And I remember the shirt he wore and his perfume. I know very well what we talked about and how he smiled at me.

When you remember your first love, those are the little details you memorized about that first encounter, that will come back to you.

The time of your first kiss.

No matter how many years have gone by, I still vividly recall the night it happened. The stars shining through the branches of the alley and the exact place where we stood.

First kiss ever can be something memorable, but the first kiss with the first person you have ever loved is something you never forget.

Their smile.

When you remember your first love, their smile will definitely be something that will be etched in your memory. Remembering it is remembering all the good times you had together that were the reasons behind that smile. And I don’t think there is a whole lot of things better than seeing your loved one happy and knowing you made it happen.

All the happy times, and painful too, that you shared.

There is no relationship that is without its bad days. It is okay, though, because you will rarely remember that, as long as the happy ones were greater in number.

But the painful things you might remember will not be inside the relationship. My first love lost his father at the time of that relationship. I ended up remembering those moments as nice memories, because of the unity we shared then. Because of all those times I helped him through the pain and because of the gratitude he showed me for staying and being there for him when he was in pain.

I was there through the hardest times of his life with him, and the bond you create at those moments will be one of the things that will always come back when you remember your first love.

Money had no importance.

You know how it is considered normal to have a man treat you at your first date or buy you a little something.

Well, the thing that will never leave your mind about that first love of yours will be how little importance all of it had. You didn’t care about presents or big trips, or even nights out at some decent restaurant. The only thing that mattered was that you spent that time together, even if was something as small and simple as taking a walk and a picnic.

The first time you traveled together.

There is no way you will ever forget what it is like sharing new experiences with you first love. Seeing a new city, trying new food, or experiencing some new activity for the first time. Especially all the kisses and intimacy you shared inbetween those new things.

All of that made a hundred times better and more memorable because of the person that was by your side through all of it.

When you remember your first love, you will always remember how long it lasted.

Sometimes those first loves are not as long as you would expect. For example, a lot of them are summer loves, and most of them don’t even last a full summer, but will definitely be remembered a lot of summers to come.

The duration is not all that important though, what matters is that you will remember it clearly. The details of it all might escape you, but the day it started and the day it ended will always be alive in your mind.

Especially the breakup part. Oh, the only thing that might occupy your mind more than your first love is the loss of it.

So, no matter how much you might try and how much you would like to forget it, that rarely happens, because falling in love for the first time is special. That is why, instead of trying to lose it from your memory, the best thing you can do is to turn those memories into life lessons.

You will always remember your first love anyway, so why not make it a learning experience?

This Is Why You’ll Always Remember Your First Love