Did you ever have a situation where you met a very handsome guy and you liked him at first sight? He was nice at first but he ends up being very bad. His behavior is not the way you like it, he can easily trick you and tell you he will do something but he never does. He is deceiving you in order to get what he wants.

An asshole is not easy to spot, after you had so many of those while you were dating. You learn how to deal with that kind of guys and you try to escape whenever it comes to a situation to meet them. These are some tips on how can you reveal if a guy is not good. You can find out if he wants to get something from you and run away, or he is honest and nice one.

8 man behaviors women forgive too often:

– He will not call unless he needs something from you.

If you are dating a man who cares about you, you will receive messages regularly. He will have interest in how your day went or how you are. He would show you how he feels and he would try to get to know you better. On the other side, you can meet the guy who will call you only to see if you are home alone, so he could come and ask for some intimacy.

You can spot if he wants to use you and run away, so don’t be a fool and let him do that, if you are trying to find someone whose attentions are serious.

– There is no specific date of yours.

It’s been a while since you two are texting, but you still don’t have a day when you started whatever that relationship means. You want to have a date, just like every other girl likes to count days in a relationship. But he is not into you and he does not want to make any plans. He is all about intimacy with you, without any sign of love or emotions, yet you tolerate it. You keep finding excuses for him and his behavior and that’s the way you help him to be an asshole over again.

– You are the only one who is giving.

The more you give, the more he wants and takes. You feel like you are the one who does not receive anything, yet you are spending yourself. He is that player in your game who wins every time. Be aware that you don’t need the man who is not capable to show you respect or return a piece of love to you.

– He acts like an asshole.

He is rude and he asks you to send him your naked photos. Perhaps you did that, even though you don’t feel like it’s the right thing, you only want to obtain him. It’s all about his pleasure.

He is lazy.

He lost his job and he ended up on a couch playing games or watching TV. You are the one who works double in order to have a normal life. This is very wrong because you need a partner who is serious and mature enough to not let you work alone and earn a living.

– He is never guilty for anything.

Many times you screw up something but you are mature enough to talk about it and say sorry eventually. He, on the other side, always wants you to say sorry, even if he is guilty. He turns the situation against you and you don’t exit without guilt. You deserve much more than a man who would hurt you and act like nothing happened.

– You don’t feel self-confident around him.

Even though you know how powerful you are in society and at work, how independent you can be, when you are around him, he never says any words of praise. You feel low and insecure doing things you used to do very well. He underestimates you to cover how lazy and bad he is.

– When you need him, he is never there.

Having a strong relationship includes you both to be there for each other. You decide to get into a relationship and you have a partner to be there for. But when you need him there for you, he disappears. He shows you disrespect, and he does not value your emotions. It is all about his pleasure.