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Women Who Stay Single Longer Are the Happiest

women who stay single longer
Written by Selma

Being single is sometimes looked down on in our society. When you reach a certain age in your life, everybody around you expect you to settle down. Everyone around you who is your age is getting married or is in a long term relationships. Your family and friends are constantly asking you when you are going to find someone.

People in general think they are afraid of being single, because being alone is often connected with loneliness. But what everyone is actually scared of is the solitude. You too are slowly starting to think that there is something wrong with you. You meet new guys, you date some of them, but it seems like you simply can’t find the right one and not one of your relationships has turned out to be serious.

What you don’t know is that women who stay single longer actually end up the happiest in most cases. These women love themselves and know their worth and demand the same from their partners when they find them. You see all the happy girls and women around you who feel fulfilled with their relationships and marriages, and you think that is the only thing missing for you to be truly happy. And that is your first mistake. You value yourself through men. You can be the most successful person when it comes to your career, can have quality friendships and family relationships, but you don’t consider yourself worthy enough until you have a committed relationship. How can you expect others to perceive you differently? Instead of thinking of all the girls who are happy and involved with someone, think of all the women around you who have a fulfilling life and are also single. Of course, nobody is saying that the first ones are not happy, but everybody has the right to choose their life path. So, focus on those who are single, but are completely satisfied with their lives. When you come to think of it, these women always look like they shine from within.

Single girls have a stronger sense of individuality than those who are with someone. These girls consider themselves self-sufficient, and if a man that makes them happy happens to come along, that is just a plus. Remember, they are single by their own choice. The easiest thing is to find just anybody to be with. But these women know better. They don’t want to be with the first guy who comes along just so they don’t end up alone. They are comfortable in their own skin and don’t ask for anyone’s confirmation. They embraced their solitude and are actually enjoying it. They have realized they don’t need a man to complete them until they are complete individuals on their own. For them, love is not the center of the universe. They don’t allow themselves to revolve around men, and they don’t think their only purpose and goal in life is the pursuit of love.

It doesn’t mean that those girls don’t believe in love nor that they gave up on the idea they will have someone in the future. They are okay with the idea that they may never end up married and their life is complete and fulfilled even if that happens. They strongly believe that, if they ever get married, it will be to a man worthy of them, and they don’t want to settle for less. They have gotten to know themselves very well and know exactly what they want and what they are looking for, and they are not ready to settle for less. It doesn’t mean they are looking for Mr. Perfect and reject every man that doesn’t fit into their strict standards. They just want someone to love and respect them in the same way they will love and respect him. But even if they get into a relationship, they will not allow themselves to lose their individuality. Because they know that nothing lasts forever, they want to always stay true to themselves, even if that future relationship ever breaks down. In the meantime, they are living their life to the fullest, they are practicing self-love and self-care, are never selfish, but always put themselves first, work on themselves intellectually and physically and try to improve in every possible way.


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