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Unless He Puts Effort Into These 11 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person

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Written by Deborah Carbone

Sometimes the smallest things are the ones that tell you a lot about people in your life and relationships you have with them. If you want to know if your partner is your forever person, pay close attention to see if he is investing efforts into these eleven things.

Planning dates.

If he does his best to think of awesome, fun, or romantic ideas for your date nights, it is a great sign. He will not allow himself to leave that completely up to you. There is only so much one person can think of. That is why he will gladly take it on himself and surprise you from time to time by taking you somewhere completely new.

Always being open.

It will not be a problem to him to reply to your message or to remember to send you one himself. He will gladly tell you what he is doing and if he is having any company. He will do it even without you asking because it is the simplest way to show he is not hiding anything. And that is how you will establish trust in your relationship.

Never stops romancing you.

Even if you have been together for ages, he will never stop flirting with you and reminding you what it was about him that won you over. Just because you are his now doesn’t mean he should stop making effort for you. And that goes both ways. Do not take for granted the bond you two share.

Being cautious with money.

You have been talking about your life together. To make plans like those easier to achieve, you have to have a good safety net, which means being careful about your finances. If he is serious about staying by your side for the rest of your lives, you will see it in the way he is handling his money.

He will fight off the drive to spend the way he spent as a single man, having to care only about himself and his future. Now, when there is two of you, he will do his best to help you save for your life together so you could afford anything a couple would need, including the house to raise your future family in.

Making you feel welcome in his life.

He will share his life with you. That means he will tell you what is going on with him. He will talk to you about everything, from his job to his friends. He will even insist on you going out with him when he is off to spend time with his friends.

He will do anything in his power to show you how much he enjoys you being a part of his life and how important you are to him. That is why he wants to make sure you stay by his side as long as possible.

Accepting people that are important to you.

He will go out his way to make it work with your family and friends. Even if it happens that you parents might not be too thrilled about him. He will not let it get to him. He knows they want the best for you, and even if that relationship between them is rocky at the beginning, he will still show nothing but respect for the people you love.

Being ready to compromise.

If he is ready to sit down with you and help you find a solution that suits you both, it is a sign that he is really trying. He wants to avoid unnecessary fights. That is why he works with you, rather than causing an issue that will result in holding grudges against each other that will only hurt your relationship.

Working with you.

He knows you are not there to serve him and only take care of his needs. He will make an effort to show you he is aware of that. He will help you any way he can, and he will do his best to take care of you as much as you take care of him. If that means cooking for you from time to time, the way you do for himhe is on board with it.

Trying to look good for you.

He will not let himself go just because you are together each day and you see each other in all kinds of compromising situations anyways. That doesn’t mean he will do some extreme things, like forcing himself to go to the gym if he never stepped in it before in his whole life. But he will try his best to dress nicely, have his hair and beard neat and trimmed, and try to smell nice at all times.

Trying to stay healthy.

If he really loves you and wants you to have many happy years together, he will take good care of his health. He will make sure his body serves him for many years to come, so you two could enjoy a long, joyous life by each others’ side.

Trying to make you happy.

In the end, whatever happens, he will never stop investing his efforts into trying to make you the happiest woman alive. He is aware that his happiness is now closely tied to yours. Not only because he will be unhappy too if you are, but because seeing you smile brings him immense joy. So, if he is truly your forever person, as long as there is life for him, he will never stop making you smile.

Unless He Puts Effort Into These 11 Things, He’s Not Your Forever Person