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How To Forget A Person You Loved Deeply

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Written by Peggysue

You loved you partner more than yourself, but no matter what you did, things fall apart. Your relationship ended, and now you are here struggling with your broken heart. Memories of you two are killing you. Actually, you just can’t find a way to survive and to forget your partner. Everything seems so hard and you can’t find a way to stop feeling sad and miserable. But don’t worry, here are some tips how to forget a person you loved deeply.

You have to get rid of all things that remind you of your ex.

There is no reason to keep all things that still remind you of your ex. It won’t help you to get better or to forget your relationship and your ex. One day you will be able to think about your ex without being overcome with emotion. Keeping all those things will just made you to feel sad and nostalgic. So it is a really good idea to get rid of all those things. Pack them in one box and move it away. You don’t have to look at them every day. Pick up your ex’s sweatshirts, gifts your ex gave you, all pictures of you two, and put them somewhere where you can’t see them.

Cut out contact with your ex. At this moment probably you can’t be friend with your ex, actually just friends. So cut out all contact with this person, avoid contact. And if you are forced to see your ex, keep things casual, every conversation should be as short and polite as possible. Avoiding contact with your ex can be hard, but it is really important to do it. It is never a good idea to stay friends with an ex you are trying to forget.

Do some physical activity to forget your ex.

You need to start feeling good about yourself so a good way is to feel good is to exercise. Also, exercise is a good way to fight depression, and it will increase your self-confidence.

You don’t have to go alone through this.

There is many other people you can rely on when it is a difficult time, beacause being alone after all the things you have been through is not a good idea. Spending time with your family and friends will help you to keep things in perspective. You will get rid of negative thoughts. Talk about your pain and your feelingsit will help you to feel better.

You need to value yourself.

No one is more important in your life than you, no one. You have to focus on yourself and start doing things that make you happy. Find your happiness, be happy, and always, always value yourself.

Your ex is in the past, you need to accept that.

Sometimes love can be complicated, but it is life. Your relationship ended, and you loved your ex deeply, but life is going on. Keep your ex in the past, but remember your relationship was not a waste of time. Forgive yourself, forgive your ex, and move on. I know it can be hard, but there is no reason to live in the past.

Organize your time and be active. Recovering will take some time, so to make things better focus on improving your life. Find a new hobby, take more responsibility, travel, meet new people. And you will see that there is no time to think about your ex when you are focused on other things.

Start living in the present. Maybe your relationship ended up in bad way, but no matter what happened you can’t change it. You need to move one with your life, think about today, look forward to future. Moving on will take some time, so just be patient. There is always new people to meet, new places to visit. Your happiness is not determined by what happened in the past, so keep going, and you will succeed.

Time heals everything, just be patient.

You need to know that time will heal everything. And with time there will be days without thinking about your ex. You will forget all the bad things and start living your life like your ex never happened. Maybe now all this seems ridiculous.

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