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9 Things You Have To Say Goodbye To After A Breakup

say goodbye to after a breakup
Written by Deborah Carbone

When the relationship you have invested yourself in falls apart, there is so much more you’re saying goodbye to than just a person. It makes you realize that, as much as being single can be good, it can also be very unfortunate.


    You are hit the hardest with that realization when you are fresh out of a relationship. The reasons why that breakup is so unfortunate somehow keep piling up. You realize that saying goodbye to your partner means saying goodbye to a lot of things that were such an integral part of your life, that you find it difficult to go on without them.

    Here is a list of things you have to say goodbye to after a breakup.

    Having someone by your side every time you are having a bad day.

    When things get hard, you get stuck on trying to figure out who to lean on now. Your thoughts will automatically roam towards your ex-partner, only to cause you a momentarily painful sting when you realize it is no longer an option. What used to be a no-brainer turned into a confusing puzzle.

    Having someone to talk to while going to and from your workplace.

    You always had that one person that you enjoyed hearing from before work. The person that you would call when you get off from work to ask about their day and tell them about yours. That one person whose voice made everything better after a lousy work day.

    Having someone with whom you can spend the whole day in bed.

    Just rolling around under your blankets while watching television or binge watching your favorite show. Eating, cuddling, and enjoying the time together. Now all of that seems lonely and sad.

    Having someone to keep you company while you do your dreaded chores.

    Doing things around the house, or running errands outside of it, was always easy when there were two of you. Having your favorite person chat you up would always make you forget how boring all of it is. It seemed like all of it would be done in no time. Now you find yourself wondering if you will ever be okay with being on your own again like that.

    Being a part of each other’s families.

    You two were important parts of each other’s lives. So much that your partner was a part of your family like you were. And you felt the same with his family. Now, not only is your partner gone from your life, their family is too. And it feels terrible. You can feel that absence and the impact is strong. You had another family that you have lost and people you’ve cared about are strangers now.

    Having someone to share meals with at any time.

    Having a dinner, just you at the table, proves to be very lonely. Dinners used to be something to enjoy. Now you cannot stop thinking of their face while sitting across the table from you. You miss them so much, it makes you lose your appetite.

    Having someone who knows you and all of your weirdness.

    Thinking about having to start all over again with a person who knows nothing about you and your quirks is absolutely scary. Your partner knew you and accepted you despite your quirks. Now you’ll have to open yourself up to someone new, and the thought of them mocking you or judging you is terrifying.

    Having someone that makes it easy for you to be yourself.

    What could be better than being with someone that would never judge you, despite your silliness? Having a person that makes you feel so relaxed is a blessing.

    Having your best friend.

    Whether you still had a person you called your best friend since you can remember is not important. The person you love and spend most of your time with will inevitably become your best and closest friend. When you had to say goodbye to your partner, you were forced to bid farewell to your best friend too. That just might be the hardest goodbye of them all.

    But, as hard as it might be at the moment, it is important not to lose hope because things do get better. Gather your patience and see for yourself.

    9 Things You Have To Say Goodbye To After A Breakup

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