When we talk about narcissism, the first picture that tends to pop in our mind is that of a man. We can’t shake ourselves of the image of an overly smug and egoistic person, and for some reason we associate those exact characteristics with the male population. Even if those could easily be put on the list of signs of a narcissist woman.

While many narcissists are men, that in no way means that women are not. Having a character like that has nothing to do with gender.

There are some things out there that back up the claim that the probability of running into a narcissistic man is much bigger. But the facts are very clear, women are not an exception from it.

There are enough of them to run into at least once in your life. If you care about your well-being, it is important to know how to recognize them so you can avoid them.

Here are some of the most obvious signs of a narcissist woman.

All the talk is about her.

All of us talk about ourselves from time to time, depending on a situation. Maybe we were asked to tell some of our story or we just felt like sharing something about ourselves. But when it comes to a narcissist woman, all the talk will be solely about her. And if the conversation happens to stray away from her, she will do her best to lead it back to her. You will also notice she never even bothers to ask you anything about yourself. That will be one of the basic signs of a narcissist woman.

She refuses to commit to anything.

One of the signs that will give her away will be the inability to commit to anything you planned and agreed on. She will not care how much you were looking forward to it. She most certainly will not care about the effect it might have on you, or anyone else she treats the same way. The only thing she cares about is the liberty to do however she pleases, whatever the consequences might be.

She never accepts refusal.

This one might be among the most obvious signs of a narcissist woman. It doesn’t even have to be a negative answer. Maybe you just don’t have the straight up answer yet and you might offer to fill her in later. Being left to wait and not getting what she wants right away will drive her crazy because it suggests that she is not the center of the universe, hence she can’t get everything anytime.

She will try to charm and seduce even the people she dislikes.

One of the signs of a narcissist woman will be her extreme flirtiness. It is something all of us do, but narcissist women are taking it to a whole new level. She will use it as a secret weapon to manipulate and charm people into anything she might desire. The true giveaway will be when you notice her doing it to people she strongly dislikes. She thinks she is irresistible, and by being such, she tries to use it in achieving anything she can think of. That includes getting back at people she dislikes by making them fall for her charms.

She is condescending towards people in her life.

If she calls people names when she talks about them and always disputes others’ intelligence while always propping herself above everyone, watch out. She knows nothing of humility or empathy, and she never doubts herself. It is one of the signs of a narcissist woman. You will be able to catch it if you pay close attention to the conversations pertaining to others.

She will never admit the fault.

Whatever might be going wrong, especially when it’s her fault, she will never admit it. Let alone apologize. All you can get from her is a bunch of justifications and shifting the blame to circumstances or other people involved.

The reason is simplesince she sees herself as better than everyone else, she doesn’t believe she’s capable of doing anything wrong.

She is obsessed with her own image.

The last one this list of signs of a narcissist woman is all about her looks. Narcissist women love to look their best and they like everyone else to see it. If you follow her social media, you will be bombarded by pictures of herself, especially selfies. She is always ready to pose and might ask you to take pictures of her a lot.

As much as you can say there is nothing wrong with taking and posting pictures, it becomes a huge red flag when those pictures are of nothing else but her.

So there you have it, some obvious behaviors that are actually telltale signs of a narcissist woman. Behaviors that will tell you that you are in the company of a woman you do not want to mess with.

If you are a caring person who is aware that any relationship is a two way street, you have to know that narcissistic people are the ones to avoid at any cost.