7 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Enjoys Food

date a girl who enjoys food
Written by Aveline

It can be a little bit uncomfortable when you go out to get a dinner with your girlfriend and you raid the dinner menu. In the middle of stuffing your face with all the delicious food, you notice her playing with her salad.

That salad she ordered for two reasons. One, she is dieting because she thinks she’s fat when in reality you could probably carry her in your teeth. Two, she is afraid you might think she is a fatass if she orders a giant steak with all the sides she can think of and eats it, because she totally can.

I don’t understand why my fellow girls burden themselves with those things, but I do know why it is a good idea to date a girl who will gladly stuff her face with you.

Here are 7 reasons to date a girl who enjoys food.

You will not feel like a pig when you are out with her.

You just love the food, whether it’s a restaurant or a dinner at someone’s house. Location is not what matters. What really matters is eating and eating a lot.

It is a time of your day when you are not burdened with anything, you are just trying to savor your meal. Dating a girl who loves the food as much as you do will make those meals something great to enjoy together and will not make you feel bad about devouring everything in your path.

You will not regret taking her to a buffet.

My dear foodies, what can be better than a variety of tasty dishes that cost almost nothing? But it can be a real let down taking your girlfriend to one of those and all she gets is something that could be considered a kid’s meal.

It makes my heart break thinking of everything that could be eaten for the same value. Seems like a waste, doesn’t it? Well, that will not happen if you choose to date a girl who enjoys food.

You can avoid embarrassing dates.

You know how first dates can be awkward sometimes. You run out of things to say too soon. Well, if you are dating a girl who loves to eat, that can be easily avoided. When you enjoy your meal, it is hard to talk all the time. It is also not recommended, because, you know, talking with your mouth full is impolite.

The things you have to say to each other at the start, before you get to know each other better, will be just enough when squeezed in between bites. There will be enough left to say even for that dessert at the end.

Paying for those dinner dates, because you consider yourself a gentleman, will be worth it.

When you are dating a foodie, it is a bit more expensive than going out with the girl who picks at her salad for the whole date. The point is, whatever she orders, you know she will eat it and enjoy every bite. It will make it enjoyable for you too.

When you love a good meal, it is even better when you share it with a person that savors it as much as you do. Also, knowing that food makes her happy as much as the bouquet of flowers would, makes it money well spent.

It will tell you she is confident in herself.                                                   

When you date a girl who is not ashamed to eat in front of you the same way she does on her own, you know she feels good about herself. And you want a girl like that.

She does not burden herself with what you might think about the way she eats or the fact that she can eat as much as a full grown man. She is not worried if you will think that she should consider laying off the food if she’s on the bigger side. Or that you might think that she will gain weight if she keeps eating like that. She knows what brings her enjoyment and she will not hide it or adjust herself for anyone.

It is the best kind of girl to date and it will probably be the best relationship you can have.

It will tell you she takes care of herself.

It is the 21st century, people. All of us know by now that only eating salad does not equal healthy. And we know that a full grown person needs much more than the kid’s meals girls are limiting themselves to.

Dating a girl who enjoys eating, a girl who eats a wide variety of different food, will be a sign that she knows how to take care of her health and fuel her body properly.

If she has a training session or two, even better. You can add a nicer body on the list of reasons to date a girl who enjoys food.

A girl who enjoys food is fun to be around.

Foodies really love to surprise their palate with something new. That means cuisines from other countries. Exotic and exciting things that make them chase after more. You can rarely dive in other cultures’ cuisine without getting immersed in the culture itself. That is why foodies are usually curious people who will love traveling as much as they love food.

So, dating a girl like that can hardly be boring. Your relationship will always be a lot of fun, with many new ideas and things to try. And what can be better than trying them out with a person you love?

These reasons are a proof enough that dating a girl who enjoys food will make your life richer and filled with memorable experiences.


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