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19 Signs That Say He’s A Keeper

he's a keeper
Written by Deborah Carbone

You have been in a relationship for quite some time and you have a really good feeling about him. It makes sense that your head is buzzing with thoughts of your next step, and one of them crossing your mind is definitely marriage. Here are the signs that will tell you he’s a keeper.

He checks in with you during the day.

It doesn’t even have to be anything of importance. Maybe he just wants to see how your day is going or tell you something that happened to him that might make you smile.

He also checks in with you on his way back.          

He will not do it to reassure you or because he thinks you’re jealous. He just wants you to know you never escape his mind, and now, when he is done with whatever he was doing, he can’t wait to come home to you. He will also do it to let you know he is fine because he knows you care and worry about him.

He watches over you.

No grand gestures there. It is the little things, like taking care of you when you’re sick. Getting your medications, or making you take that god-awful cough syrup until you feel better.

He knows your breakfast favorites.

It may not seem like a big deal, but this is not about breakfast at all. It is about paying attention to you and the things that make you who you are. Him remembering all that tells you he listens and watches.

He always has time for you.

You are his number one priority. That means he always makes time to be with you, even when he is at his busiest. He is even ready to postpone or cancel things just to spend time together.

Kids love him.

When you are thinking about getting married, kids are often the logical next step. When you see how good he is around kids and how much they love him, it makes you even more convinced about pursuing your shared future. It just warms your heart when you see their interaction, because you know he will be a great father and a role model once you have your own.

He never leaves you hanging.

Meaning you will never be in a situation where you cannot get a hold of him because he is nowhere to be found, and he is not answering your messages or phone calls. You can rely on him to never leave you hanging, especially if you made plans together.

He keeps in contact with his best friends from childhood.

They might live in completely different places and do not see each other anymore, but he still makes sure to stay updated on their lives. It is a great sign of his character and proof he will never just abandon people he cares about, whatever the obstacles might be.

He has NO contact with his exes.

Once the relationship is over, there is no point in staying in touch. Only in extreme cases those kinds of connections can work out and not turn out to be huuuge mistakes. Also, he does it out of respect for his current girlfriend.

All the gifts he gives you are extremely thoughtful.

Whether it is an anniversary or a birthday, he enjoys celebrating them. He will make sure to show you that with his choice of gifts too. With each new gift you receive from him, you get another little proof of how much thought he put in it and how much he pays attention.

He loves staying home with you.

If you are having a lazy day and would prefer a quiet night in instead of dressing up and going out, he will be completely onboard. He has had his share of nights out and partying and he will not miss it. Going out or staying in, it makes no difference to him, as long as you do it together.

He is a generous tipper.

I know this might not sound applicable to this particular topic, but look at it like thisa person who tips nicely and who treats all the serving workers with equal respect has to be a really nice guy. If he is so good and respectful towards people he doesn’t know and care about, imagine what he is like towards people that matter to him.

He acts like a mature adult should.

He takes responsibility and will never be swayed by others’ behavior. He knows when to hold his ground and not let others’ decisions affect his.

He is so effortlessly attractive.

This has a lot to do with your feelings towards him. But still, you cannot get over the fact that he seems to become more handsome with time. Speaking of attraction, the added bonus is that he does not care what you wear and that you’re not always perfectly dressed up. You are equally attractive to him in anything.

He always smells so amazing.

Again, something that has a lot to do with your feelings towards him. A scent of the person you love is like no other. But he smells so good that you never want to let him out of your embrace. It is one of the reasons you love stealing his shirts.

He knows his way with you when you’re cranky.

When someone or something angers you or it is simply one of those bad days, he knows how to handle you best. He will find a way to console you and calm you down. He will be happy to listen to you if you need to vent, but most importantly, he will be supportive.

He can always make you laugh.

Sometimes, it’s not even about the things he says. It’s about how he says them. He has this bright personality and he understands what makes you laugh. It makes it hard for you resist his charming humor.

He will not be intimidated with your confidence.

He loves that you’re self-confident, self-sufficient, and strong. Your personality doesn’t scare him and he knows how to handle it. He respects you for who you are.

He is your biggest admirer.

He loves to tell people about you. He is proud of the person you are and what you do, and wants the world to know that. He is a person that will never be threatened with your success and will wholeheartedly support you in your goals.

If he does these things, you can be sure he is a real keeper. Do not wait for too long to tell him where you see your relationship going, or else you risk missing your opportunity.

19 Signs That Say He’s A Keeper