10 Signs That Prove You Are a Strong Woman

signs that prove you are a strong woman
Written by Selma

We all admire strong women and hope to become them. Although they sometimes appear frightening, everyone admires the strength of their character, their bravery, and self-confidence. Many wonder what the things that make a woman so strong are. Sometimes you think you can be considered strong, but you don’t know for sure how people perceive you. So, here are 10 signs that prove you are a strong woman.

You always know what you want

If you consider yourself to be a strong woman, then you know yourself very well. Therefore, you are very clear about your life goals and ambitions. You always know what you want and what you are searching for in life. You don’t second guess or doubt your life choices. If you want something or someone, you are not afraid to go and get it. It’s not important if it is a man or a career, you are never afraid to pursue your dreams.

You are passionate

Whatever you do, you do it passionately and with your entire heart. You have faced a lot of things in your life and that is why you know how strong you are and that you can take whatever life gives you. So, you learned to enjoy every breath you take and you’ve decided to live your live to the fullest. You are not afraid of your scars and are never afraid to tell what you think. What is most important, you are not afraid to show your emotions and you are never ashamed of them, whether they are positive or negative.

You are a fighter

You are always ready to stand up for what you believe in. You are always ready to fight for the people you care about and for yourself. You are everything but a quitter and you don’t give up on something that is important for you. You don’t need a man to protect you and to fight your battles. What you need is someone to stand by your side through life.

You are not afraid of intimacy

Strong women are never afraid of intimacy. First of all, they don’t allow anyone to value them through their partners. If you are a strong woman, you are aware of your sexuality and are ready to embrace it. You are not ashamed to admit that you need intimacy, and you are always clear when it comes to your needs and desires. Remember, strong women will always state loud and clear if they are not satisfied in some aspect.

You appreciate honesty

You appreciate honesty above everything. When someone tries to lie to you, you consider it insulting because that person is trying to undermine your intelligence and ability to differentiate a lie from the truth. The only thing a strong woman doesn’t forgive are lies, so never try lying to her because she will know you are lying even before you say it. She thinks it’s always better to tell the truth, no matter how painful and harsh it can be.

You want stability

You don’t enjoy mind games and don’t tolerate immaturity when it comes to men. You know what you want and search for in life and in relationships, so you expect the same from your partner. You want a mature man who can be trustworthy and firm and who takes responsibilities for his actions. You don’t need a man like this so he could protect youyou need someone to be your equal partner and if a man is indecisive and unstable, you two can never be on the same level.

You demand respect

Every strong woman is very much aware of her worth. She knows how to love and appreciate herself. Therefore, she demands respect from everyone around her and especially from her romantic partner. No matter how much love you are giving to a strong woman, if you don’t respect her enough, don’t expect her to stay near you

You love hard

If you are a strong woman, you are not capable of loving someone incompletely. You are always loyal and honest when it comes to relationships. You will fight for your man and will always have his back. Strong women mostly have deep and meaningful relationships. But, they demand the same treatment from their partners, as well. If a strong woman is completely dedicated to her partner, she wants to know he is also fully committed.

You take things into your own hands

You don’t wait for destiny or good luck to take care of you. You never wait for anyone else to give you the things you want and need. Instead, a strong woman always takes things into her own hands. You are decisive and are not afraid to take initiative.

You push people forward

A strong woman will not try to change you, but she will motivate you to become the best version of yourself. She is always indirectly and sometimes unintentionally pushing forward everyone around her. She will help you become aware of your full potential and will help you be the person you always wanted to be.

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