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If Your Boyfriend Behaves Like This, He Truly Loves You

he truly loves you
Written by Karen Clark

When you have passed the dating phase and you reach a certain point in your relationship, you start to wonder if this is the real deal. You know your emotions and you have no doubt that you are in love with your partner, but you are not sure about him. You have had bad experiences in the past and have been faced with men who told you they loved you, but actually were just using you. Obviously, you are scared and cannot be sure of his emotions, despite all the signs that tell you he loves you too. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to feel this way, because relationships can be tricky sometimes.

In the past, people in relationships used to take every possible opportunity to show their love and affection. But times have changed. Now, most people hide their emotions because they are afraid they will get hurt. On the other hand, he may say he loves you, but you keep asking yourself if he is just saying it and not feeling it. You question if your love for him is reciprocated. These doubts lead to fears, which make you insecure and your self-esteem is lowered. In order to avoid feeling like this, here are some types of behavior that show that he truly loves you.

He always calls you in the morning and before bed

If you get a good morning and a good night text from your boyfriend every day, it is a true sign of his love towards you. You are the first thing that crosses his mind when he opens his eyes and your text or voice is the last thing he wants to see or hear before he goes to sleep. And he wants you to be in his day before it even starts and wants to finish your day with you on his mind, and that is a clear sign of love.

He worries if you are safe

He is always worried if you have gotten home safely. And he worries about your health, makes sure you are always well dressed in winter, worries if you have eaten and if you had enough water. Men don’t think about these things if they don’t love a woman and if they are not serious about her. If your boyfriend behaves in this manner, be certain that his emotions towards you are strong and deep.

He listens to you

It’s not just that he doesn’t interrupt you when you talk. He truly listens to what you have to say and he pays attention to everything that comes out of your mouth, although you admit sometimes you can talk endlessly. He remembers every little detail you have said. When you have a problem or there is something bothering you, he involves himself emotionally in that situation and makes an effort to give you a piece of advice.

He’s always there for you

He’s never too tired or exhausted when you need him, even if he has had the longest day at work. You know he is always there for you, and he never makes your problems seem unimportant or foolish. No matter how bad you feel, you know he will cheer you up. He believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. He doesn’t want to change you, but he wants to see you improve in every possible way, and he is constantly pushing you forward. And he never allows you to think poorly about yourself and would never let you give up on something important to you. You just know you could call him anytime and he will have your back.

He calms you

Whenever you are stressing out about something, when you are feeling nervous, anxious, and depressed or are just not in your best mood, he will calm you down. You don’t know how and why, but he has the capacity to handle you in your worst. No matter what big of a problem you think you have, when he appears, everything seems easier and bearable. And you never see him complain about it. There are times when you don’t even love yourself, but he shows you his love even in those moments.

If Your Boyfriend Behaves Like This, He Truly Loves You