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You Don’t Need Him The Way You Think You Do

Written by Naida

Most of the people find it very simple to fall in love with someone. When that happened, it becomes easy to tear apart for the partner, so he can fix you eventually. You detach all the things you love, you care about, you need and you do, in order to show your partner who you really are. It’s his or her duty to compose you after you opened up, and when they do, it’s their job to keep you that way.

When we get into a relationship, we put too much pressure on it. One side of this situation is that the person you are with should be someone who you can lean on and have all the safety. Also, you need a support and someone who makes you stronger when being by your side. On the other side, this relationship means you are expecting from your partner to do your entire job, in other words, you are so depended on your partner, and you can’t imagine living or doing anything without him. It may cause some problems. Your partner is by your side and supports you in everything that you do, but you can’t have him as a base to build yourself up. It is a huge responsibility for someone, and every step your partner makes, there is a concern of you knocking down.

In order to not be alone, a lot of women choose to stay in a relationship that is all but good. They start to lose themselves because they don’t have a nourishing, healthy, and constructive connection with their partners. Many times women are afraid of starting something on their own. Even if every woman knows that it’s fine to be alone, they chose not to, especially if they are dealing with some tough life situations.

You are in a relationship so long as you forget to do things on your own. Emotions you have and the fact how much you care for your partner makes you unsure of how you used to spend your time long ago. Who was your support in the late nights and where have you been on weekends? You feel so secure now and everything you do is with easiness and routine.

To sum up things, it is not so hard to fall in love with someone. It happens so easily and quickly that most people aren’t aware at the beginning. But there is the point where you have to fall in love with yourself and that is much harder, to be honest. When you are on your own, there is no one who you can blame if things go downwards. On the other side, if you hand over most of your problems to someone with whom you can share happiness and sadness, it is easier for you. If things go downhill, you can blame your partner.

Regardless of whether or not you want to be with someone for love, and no matter the fact of how deep you think you are, there is always a possibility to make things better on your own. You don’t need him the way you think you do.

People are afraid of changes for their own good, because they feel guilty every time they try to make things up for themselves, they hurt someone. You may think and feel that you are the one who is making things worse, but you need to be aware that no matter what happens, you will be fine. And the person you think you hurt will move on.

Life passes and you will find someone to love, wondering how you ever loved anyone else before. You will fall in love fast and easy. You will want to fall apart again in order to let your partner know you better and eventually fix you. And you won’t be able to think because the love happens all around us. You will stay breathless of how hard you will fall in love. But always stay aware that once when it passes, you will become fine again.

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