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Second Love Is Way Better Than First Love

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Written by Peggysue

Many of people do not have very good experience from the first love. We were attached to that person more than we were ever with anyone. No matter how the first love ended the pain is indescribable, it hurts badly. One of the most terrifying things is that we are sure that we are never going to feel the same way we were feeling when we were with our first love. We just can’t believe that anyone could make us feel that way again. There is one mistake that all of us are doing is holding on, but it is much more painful than letting it go. We don’t believe that second love will be much better than the first one.

The first love will always have a special place in our heart, but the first love is not going to be our last.

Everything happens for a reason, so it ended for a reason. We need to remember that we are not meant to be with that one person. But we need to know that no matter how wonderful our first love was, the ending can be the best thing that ever happened to us. There is no reason to feel bad because our first love ended, because the second one is better than our first love for so many reasons. The first love was like the first time on a roller coaster ride, it was so scary because we didn’t know what to expect. The pain after first love was real, and we can’t forget that pain.

Second love also looks like a ride on the roller coaster, but now we know what to expect, what is coming. Actually, second love allows us to feel calmer, because we just know what is coming. With a second love we destroy all bad feelings, and it is wonderful because we thought that we are never going to be in love again. But our second love will have a funny and beautiful way to change what we are scared of.

The pain from the first love will change us, we will be a better person for it.

We are going to appreciate more things because our first love taught us. Actually, we are going to learn from our first love, and our second love will teach us everything else. After our first love ended, we became older, more wiser and better. Now we know who we are and what we don’t want and what we want in a relationship. The truth is that second love may do things that our first love never did, and actually we just may find how much we like it.

The second love will show us that we can feel everything again, and maybe by time it will be on a deeper level.

And we need to allow ourselves to fall in love again because we will be amazed how much love we still have to give. So there is no doubt that love is better the second time around.

Here are some reasons why second love is way better than the first love.


Second love will heal everything, and it is the truth. After our first love we were broken, but the second one has a power to heal all wounds and power to make us a better person.


Second love gives us strength. There is too many scars and wounds, but the second love is love that gives us strength to move on. Actually, the second love is unconditional support.


The intensity of second love is way more than the first one. Since our heart was broken in our first love, there is much more intensity in the second one. The second one may make us crazy about each other, but of course in a positive way.


Second love will give us security and there is no doubt about that. There will be more talking about commitment and about future, so there will be a constant feeling of security.


All of us know that experience make us perfect. With first love we experienced many things, so now we are actually good in understanding. So because of this, second love is way better than the first love.

Lesser arguments.

Because of first love now we know where and argument can lead. So we will be aware of what we speak, because we know what could hurt the other person.

More commitment.

With the second love there is a fear that we might lose them, so we are more committed to our second love. And this is one of the reasons why second love is way better than the first love.


Actually, faith can make second one more stronger and better than the first love. And that is why is second love amazing.

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