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Girls Who Were In Almost Relationships Love The Hardest

girls who were in almost Relationships
Written by Karen Clark

Modern dating has produced a term “almost relationship.” These are on and off relationships you have with someone. You are always halfway in this kind of relationship, because you never know where you are standing. These relationships are always toxic for the person who hopes for a committed, serious relationship and are the best thing ever, a safety net, for a person who wants to have someone, but also wants to live a single life without any responsibilities a relationship brings. Most of the time, girls are the ones who believe that the situation will change, while guys are the ones enjoying themselves, while making false promises and presenting themselves as “not ready for a committed relationship.”

When you are in an almost relationship, you are constantly waiting for him to come to his senses and to choose you. You are constantly hoping for a miracle. In the meantime, he is living the life of a bachelor. He has all the benefits of a relationship—he has someone to talk to, to go out with, someone to have sex with, and someone who is waiting for him and is there for him, no matter what. But he has no commitment. He doesn’t have to stay away from other girls or do anything that a normal relationship implies and demands. On the other hand, you have all the disadvantages of the relationship—you don’t feel single, there is someone that annoys you and hurts you. But you don’t have love and affection, you don’t have someone that takes care of you. You are aware that you are settling for less and that you deserve much more. But you simply don’t know how to exit this black hole. You reject every other guy because you always hope that finally he will define your relationship. You hope that he will take you out on a date during the day, that he will introduce you to his friends and family as his girlfriend, that he will simply take your hand or kiss you in the public. Your self-esteem is destroyed because you don’t know there exists something better, something and someone worthy of you. You are afraid to give up, because every time you try to, he assures you he needs just a little more time to make everything right. You are also afraid to tell him your true emotions, because deep down, you know he doesn’t feel the same way.

Although you may think that nothing good can possibly come out of this almost relationship, you are wrong. When you finally understand everything and get the courage to end everything with this guy, you’ll know how to appreciate true love. Although you don’t believe it, there is a guy waiting for you. And you’ll know how to enjoy every moment of a healthy, committed, and serious relationship with this guy.

Many people think these girls to be emotionally broken, but the fact is that girls who were in almost relationships love the hardest. These girls know how to be committed, dedicated, and always supportive. Girls who didn’t suffer in love and didn’t go through a relationship with someone who didn’t appreciate and love them enough, sometimes take their healthy relationships for granted. But a girl who has been through a disappointment will value every little thing from a guy that cares from her. She will never get tired of him and she will never stop trying to make their relationship work. This girl will never play mind games, because she knows how painful that can be. She will tell him about her feelings and will never lie to him, because she knows how devastating it is to be lied to. She will never think of cheating or betraying him, because she knows how much it hurts to be on the other side of that wheel. This girl will always tell him and show you how much she loves him, because she is sick and tired of hiding her true emotions out of fear she will be ridiculed or ignored. When she realizes love doesn’t have to be painful, she will love and respect the guy who deserves it in all the ways she wished and dreamed she was loved.

Girls Who Were In Almost Relationships Love The Hardest