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Despite the Fact That Love Sometimes Hurts, People Choose to Stay Anyway

Written by Naida

This is a huge crap.

We are always trying to improve ourselves, to be the best possible versions of beings, in order to make the person we love happy.

No matter what the situation looks like, you find yourself being the one who makes mistakes. If your person had a bad day, you stay distant enough to not bother him or her. Also if your partner gets angry for something you don’t feel guilty for, you end up apologizing. They get to change their mood so often and everytime they do, you curve yourself. You take over all the problems they show up with, just like they are your own. Love and support are supposed to be mutual in a healthy relationship, so you don’t need to apologize for loving or trying to help your partner.

When you get to the point of asking yourself why you even need this, perhaps you deserve more; you know that it is because you hope that the better will come eventually. We become dedicated so much, we don’t know how to leave, but we also become worn down to stay. Your partner may have changed his or her tendencies, yet you are hoping that the things will change the way they were at the start.

People are afraid of leaving and that fact keeps them together like they are trapped in an unhealthy relationship. Once you were happy and loved, but now all you know is that you feel unstable. It may take some time until you realize there is nothing more to expect from your partner. The hardest part is to leave. You thought you have a strong relationship that has no end, but you ended up disappointed by the fact that your love wasn’t real.

Still you used to apologize for everything, even now when you are broken. We gave ourselves torn apart to someone in order to let them get to know every single thing about us. After they used it and broke us, they somehow still expect us to apologize. What for? Do you remember the way you built your relationship on your own? Why do we need to blame ourselves for a failed relationship and its decay? There is nothing fair if we apologize and try to repair the connection we had with them while we stay completely broken.

You value much more.

You are someone who deserves to have a strong backup in each day and situation. And you deserve the person who will lighten up your soul, who will love you the way you are and be sure that you are special. You are someone who is worth spending time with, not running away from. It’s hard to accept and deal with strong and powerful feelings that someone gives you, but you deserve a person who will give you back even more than you did. You won’t be crazy for loving unconditionally, but all emotions should return to you. Honesty and trust are true signs of being in a relationship that all around envy.

You don’t deserve anything less than having one like this. Your future is important and if you have a partner who can plan on it with you, you should be very pleased. If you feel that your partner doesn’t consider you important in his future plans, you should try to find your own way as soon as possible. You are smart, you can do that.

The same amount of love that you are giving should return to you from your partner. Love and support are mutual in every normal connection.

There is one thing we should consider. The fact that you are wasting time by trying to save something you know you can’t save only means that there is not much time for the people who would not hurt you. They just don’t have the opportunity to prove themselves to you. You can’t compare the pain when you leave and the one you would have if you stay.

When you are in love and when someone loves you, there should not be suffering. Despite the fact that love sometimes hurts, people choose to stay anyway.

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