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You Were Broken But Please Decide To Love Again

decide to love again
Written by Peggysue

Relationships can be tough, especially when the person that you love so much keeps destroying you. All that is hard to process. But we stay, we keep working on that relationship because we can’t go, we can’t leave. You just can’t help yourself, because no one was like him, no one is like him. But in one moment, the other side decides to go, to leave you, and you are there broken and alone. Your soul is shattered into pieces, you don’t want to live anymore. And you are looking for a reason why he left, what happened? Was it your fault?

Day by day, you keep keeling yourself, and asking yourself what the hell happened. Nothing was perfect, your relationship was one big mess, but you didn’t want to stay without him. He was all you ever wanted, but he chose to leave. After certain time, you start to hate him, hate love, hate life, hate everything. You finally understand that he was quality. Everything was his fault. He was playing with you, and you loved him more than yourself. And you don’t want to live anymore. There is no reason to feel alive, because you are destroyed. He destroyed you, love destroyed you.

Love should be something amazing, something beautiful, but no matter what, you ended up broken. But the truth is, love is not an asshole, he was and he still is.

He was the reason for your sadness, he broke you, not love. Your love was pure and beautiful, you loved with all your heart. It wasn’t your fault because he was the stupid one. It wasn’t your fault because he didn’t know what he had. You were the best, but he still chose to break your heart, love had nothing to do with it.

You stayed alive after all. After a certain time you started to love yourself again. You chose yourself, because you understood that you can’t let him take your power. And you found happiness and light, you chose to fall back in love with yourself. It was painful, but you did it. Finally, you understood that you were enough, you gave your best, he didn’t deserve you. Maybe he was special, maybe he still is, but finally you are comfortable in your own skin. He left you in darkness, emotional pain, he broke your heart, but you are still alive.

You are too strong, too kind, too amazing. Darling, you care too much, you deserve better.

And there is something better, there is love that is waiting for you. Time is passing, and you can’t give up on love. Darling, you have to decide to love again, and love will find you.

Your pain was real, a heartbreak is the worst kind of pain. It feels like one part of you is missing. But you survive it all. Now you are a different person, you are better, you are stronger and wiser. The pain is not permanent, all walls you put up will fall down, just because of one reason, because of love.

Forgive yourself, nothing was your fault. Time will heal everything, you just have to choose love again, to decide to love again. There is no reason to be harsh on yourself. Relationships end, the heart breaks, but it is a part of life. The reason for your pain was that person, he was the reason, associate the pain with him, not with love. Darling, it is time to allow yourself to love and be loved again.

Maybe you are afraid to love, to feel love again, but believe me when you find your right one, he will be there for you. He is not going to break your heart, I promise. There is no reason to be attached to that person who broke your heart, to that pain. The pain you went through, all your heart breaks, all the sleepless nights, all lessons, will be worth in the end. Believe in yourself, believe in love, because love didn’t hurt you, he did.

Decide to love again, because love is worth it.

Don’t let him to be a reason why you don’t believe in love, because he is not worth it. His place is in the past, and this is your life, you can do whatever you want. So please, decide to love again. Choose love, and love will choose you.

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