When you are single, you can easily get used to it. You know how to do things on your own and you are good with that. But during the holidays, for example Valentine’s Day, you are pretty alone. You feel like buying a huge gift to yourself is the only thing that would make you feel better. There is one more thing that makes you feel lonelier than you actually are, when you are at public places or weddings where they have a table for singles.

In any case, being single during the holidays sucks. You are facing solitude while all other couples are doing funny things together. Your best friend is with her or his partner, having not much time to hang out with you. They have more important things to do, like walking through the park while it’s snowing or something similar to this. You, on the other side, feel pretty much like:


You are feeling all by yourself, while all around you people are having dinners, movie nights or getting together for holidays. No one would notice your absence even if you are missing a couple of days. So, only thing left to do is to order the food and struggle with being by yourself.


When you are on your own, it is even colder than usual. So you would rather be in someone’s embrace instead of being with your blanket which you, by the way, have from young ages of yours. It is much better if you could have someone’s arms for few days during the holidays.


You might have ended up at some family getting together and you could not run from all those questions about your love life. They are constantly talking the same story and there is no way to avoid that conversation. They keep judging you and blaming you for broken relationships you had since you last visited your family. They get professionalism like it’s their job as advisers for your love life. It’s no matter that you mostly feel good by being alone.


You have many friends and you think like you know them well, but suddenly you find out that most of them betroth while there are holidays. It becomes more special if it is about Christmas time and they decide to get married. You end up thinking if you are the one who will spend your entire life with cats.


You need to admit that it’s not a very comfortable situation where you have many couples around you while you are dancing with yourself. That moment when it’s time to countdown to midnight and where you can only hear kissing and see hugs, while you are waiting to wish them all the best with one another. You come up with the thought to ask them “Could you all kiss me now?” so you could feel like you are the part of that special night.


You don’t have many chances to see your family during the year and holiday is the best opportunity considering that you don’t have many options or no options at all. You will eventually see many known and forgotten faces, especially if you didn’t see them for many years. They could be your friends from primary school or your cousins you don’t have time to visit or talk to. However, it is not that bad when getting together occasionally.


Even if that is something you choose for yourself, when it comes to a usual talk with a group of people, those who are together will remain on the same side, while you are about to convince them that you are complete without having anyone to agree with you. It is hard to maintain eye contact in a room full of couples.


If you are single because you want to be, you know how to behave during holidays in which you stay alone at home. Yet you need a little bit more chocolate, just in case. Happiness is about eating sweets for the whole day.


You see all those people in the street laughing and spending great holiday time, everything is sparkling and nice, and you are not sure if you can take it. You know that you would consider that nicer, if you could only have someone to share the holiday with.


During holidays everyone is likely to give things either to family, friends, colleagues, or to loved ones. There is nothing more exciting than opening packed presents. But you did not use to spread emotions or buy gifts daily, so you find it difficult to tell someone how you feel or to buy a nice present with a greeting card.