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Before Dating an Emotional Girl You Should Know This


Emotional girls don’t bring negative things with them when getting into a relationship. You can consider her as a very emotionally stable person, even though sometimes it feels like she is giving too much. She is very open when it comes to talking about emotions. She is absolutely aware of how complex her feelings are. There are, however, some common things about emotional girls and before dating an emotional girl you should know this:

– If you call her crazy she would get really mad.

It’s not only an emotional girl who could get mad when someone consider her emotions as a crazy thing. In that way you are showing her how her feelings don’t matter to you. It is very important to make good communication with emotional girl.

– There would not be secrets about her thoughts.

Unlike all the girls, this one is completely honest. She can’t hide her feelings. When you don’t know why she is upset, simply ask her and you will get the answer. There are no games you need to play with her, it’s simply a question–answer game.

– She cries most of the time.

There is no specific place she would cry at. No matter if you are at the movie theater, at the street or mall, if she needs to cry, she will cry. It’s not a big deal, emotional girls are overly sensitive. Try to warn her when watching a movie with a sad ending, otherwise you will feel guilty for her waterfall of tears.

– She will care more than any other girl.

Every time you feel sad and not in a mood, she will be too. Try to deal with it without pushing her away, because these people like she is are very rare. Even though it is no one’s responsibility to take over concerns of someone, still she would like to try to help you, while knowing that she can’t really.

– You can have confidence in her and be honest with her.

Many people don’t feel comfortable when revealing their own secrets, but this is the girl you can freely tell everything you want to, she will listen patiently and she will try to help you if you need. She won’t judge ever nor reveal your secrets to anyone.

– Emotional girls are very passionate.

No matter if that is a job that she is doing or a project she is working on, even a hobby, she is completely dedicated and passionate. Have this on mind while you are thinking of her in your bed.

– Making someone laugh doesn’t mean laughing at someone.

This is specifically true for an emotional girl. It is very rude if you laugh at someone instead of laughing with someone. There is nothing right in laughing to her decisions or any usual daily thing. You should be by her side if she is agitated, not laughing at her. She is not someone who doesn’t get the joke, but be sure that she is laughing at herself when you are about to make fun of her.

– Survive PMS with her like a boss.

Keep on your mind how overly sensitive your girlfriend is. It would be easier for you if you know her calendar so you can act properly when the time comes.

– She is worrying about sundries that matter to you.

In order to make you happy and satisfied with being her boyfriend, she will try hard to remember all the things you told her you like. When the situation fits, she would offer you your favorite wine, or she would take you to the restaurant you like the most.

– You will get confused many times when trying to understand what it is that makes her upset.

The main difference between people who are overly sensitive and those who are not is that the first group of people doesn’t have problems when it comes to exposing their feelings to someone. The most important thing is to let her be who she is – an emotional and honest person. You will get a lot of sincere feelings if you are able to handle them.

If you have the intent to have a relationship with an emotional woman, be sure it’s worth it.

Before Dating an Emotional Girl You Should Know This