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Be With Someone You Are Not Just Settling For


After many failed relationships and those breakups, you might be thinking that it is the best perhaps if you stay alone, by yourself. You dated so many times and you always end up thinking that you don’t deserve to settle for less than what you merit.

But, as soon as possible, try to realize that there is nothing bad in being single, or in being indecisive when it comes to picking a right guy for you. It is fair if you go for love which you feel you deserve. You should matter to yourself the most, so don’t waste your distinct emotions on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Yet, many girls find it easier if a person they are dating is someone who is not matching. In that situation it is a lot easier to end things. On the other side, when a guy is so good to you but you don’t feel right dating him, you should consider giving him a little bit more time. It’s because maybe you don’t see the big thing you have.

It is important at some point to find a partner who is good for you. But being with someone means much more than settling. When you settle for someone, it becomes normal to act that you are happy but instead you have mixed feelings of anger and resentment. You may feel that somewhere out there you made a huge mistake and, once you settle, you don’t know how to fix it. Here are some guidelines that show you what it means to settle for someone.

– You are trying to find excuses. It’s like you are constantly trying to convince yourself and others that you are happy and that you are doing great. This could be the most obvious sign that you are settling.

If you are dating, there should not be an explanation neither to yourself nor others. If you find yourself telling to your friend how great your partner is, or trying to convince someone what is he good at, than you are probably not in a normal and healthy relationship, but you have certainly settled.

– You feel interfered by the simple things and situations. If someone annoys you from time to time, it is not that bad. Your partner’s bad habits must exist, especially if you got to know each other already. But on the other side, if every little thing is bothering you, and if they pile up during some time, ask yourself whether that is a relationship you want to be in.

Loving couple shouldn’t be bothered by the simple, stupid things. They don’t pay attention to those.

– There is nothing good in comparing your relationship to others. It’s unhealthy for your connection. If you are not satisfied, it is not hard to see happiness that other couples share. There is a huge difference if you compare instead of observe those relationships to yours.

If you are happy, you are not able to see others, particularly to be jealous of them.

– You could not decide if the relationship is good or bad. You often ask yourself this question. Check your relationship and try to figure out why would you be suspicious about your love life if it is good.

– You believe in changes. If you have troubles with your relationship, you probably think that things are going to change. Yet, you didn’t consider the fact you can’t change your partner. Once you didn’t need to. Every person needs to change by themself. You should not require a better version of your partner, because it might mean that you are settling.

– Nowadays the world teaches you that it’s not cool to be alone. So you are with someone who doesn’t fit you at all, just for the sake of not being single. This contemplation is very wrong, because if you know a difference between being alone and being lonely, you can make your life much better. You should get the fact that you are valuable to yourself first and being with the wrong person is worse than being single.

– When it comes to your relationship, others’ opinions are very valuable. Well, did you ever ask yourself if others are dating your person or you are? It’s not important what your family or friends think, but how you feel about being in a relationship. And after all, if you are not happy, who cares what other people think.

It is not easy to admit that you have troubles in your relationship. Feelings can be very strong, but if these situations above are happening to you, try to walk away. It is not you or anyone who deserves to settle or be settled on.

Keep steps to get to someone you won’t be settled on. Have in your mind that the only person who deserves more than you have now or the one who deserves her dreams to come true is you.Be with someone you are not just settling for.

Be With Someone You Are Not Just Settling For