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Moving On Is Hard, But You Are Already Halfway To Success

moving on is hard
Written by Peggysue

Moving on isn’t easy at all. Things are not simple when it is about moving on. Actually moving on and getting over a relationship is really, really complicated. Many of us are doing everything to move on, but on the other side, there are people who don’t want to move on. They don’t want to just because they don’t want closure. They are hoping that maybe somehow everything will be okay, they are hoping that they can still make things work. It is really important to know when it is time to move on, when there is nothing to fight for, and the best option is to move on.

You are strong enough to make a move, you will be fine, everything will be fine. Believe me, you are not weak, and you will succeed. Don’t think about them, don’t think about how perfect they were for you, because they weren’t. If they were perfect, you wouldn’t ended up broken and alone. Delete everything about them from your mind, remove all memories. Don’t think even about those happy moments you spent together, because they ruin all of that. You don’t get to remember how it felt being with them, having them by your side. You’re left for no reason.

Make yourself forget them and everything about them. Forget how they look when they are asleep, forget their smile, their smell, everything. Just forget. All those things are just painful for you, so you have to forget everything. You don’t have to tear yourself apart every time when you think about them. They don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve that pain. The period of pain is over, you need to move on. I know it is not easy to forget everything, but you love yourself more than you love them. Yes, you love yourself more, so you are going to forget everything.

You were just an option for them. They didn’t appreciate you, they took you for granted. They were cowards. You are too good for them, you have always been too good for them. The only thing you got from them is insecurity. You were insecure about yourself, about your life, about everything. There is no doubt that you have to move on. I know it is hard, but you are strong. They wanted you, but they never needed you, that is not love. You never had an answer to any of your questions, there was just more and more question and no answers.

It is hard, but you will make it, you will succeed. There is no reason for crying every night. They don’t deserve your tears. I understand that you were so deeply in love with them, but the truth is that they never loved you back. You invested a huge part of yourself in your relationship, and got nothing but pain and tears. Moving on is hard because you also have to let go parts of yourself, you have to let go of all dreams and hopes you made while you were together. And it is hard because you are left with nothing but pain, but you are strong, you will make it.

You don’t have to feel guilty, because nothing is your mistake. It is not your fault. All blame is on them. You were perfect, you were giving your best, but it did not matter to them, they never saw your sacrifices. They left you broken and in despair. I know it is really hard to just let everything go, but there is no reason to keep thinking about them. They didn’t deserve it. Everything happened for a reason—pain is real, but that pain is your experience. It will just make you even stronger.

You can’t judge yourself, you can’t allow yourself to engage in destructive thoughts. Your relationship ended but that doesn’t mean that you are worthless. Let go of all negative energy and focus on yourself and positive things in your life. There is no point in crying, you need to be happy because you don’t have that person in your life anymore. And don’t let your breakup and pain taint your view of love. Love is wonderful, and your partner was piece of shit.

All things you were going through are potential triggers to gain a more valuable perspective on life. Pain is just temporary and because of pain you will be stronger, much stronger. Keep walking, don’t give up on yourself, because time heals all wounds. Moving on is hard, but you are already halfway to success. They didn’t know how much you are worth, how valuable you are as a person, so let them go, move on. They used you, abused you, and they manipulated you like you were some object of pleasure. You don’t need a person who will never love you the way you love them. Actually, you don’t need a person who promised the world to you but gave you nothing at all.

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