If You Are Sensitive, It Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak

you are sensitive
Written by Selma

People have been qualifying and characterizing you as being sensitive as long as you can remember. And there is nothing wrong in that. You shouldn’t be ashamed for being sensitive. On contrary, you should be proud of yourself. You should be proud because you are a human being in every sense of that word. You should be proud because you have a huge heart full of emotions, because you never stopped believing in love and in good in people, despite numerous disappointments you have been through. You are simply an empath. You sympathize with every living creature around you. You cannot stay calm when you see others suffer and you always have the urge to help everyone. Even if you know someone has hurt you in the past and probably deserves the worst possible treatment from you, you simply can’t force yourself not to be nice or to not feel sorry about them. Yes, you probably cry a lot, you question your every move and ask yourself if you have made a mistake or done someone some harm.

But, you should be okay with it and accept it as a part of your personality. You should start perceiving yourself as a super human being who is always willing to help everybody and can understand everyone. Everything you feel, you feel with all of your heart and with all of your being. When you are in love and love someone, you give yourself 100% to that person and you always put their needs in front of your own. Even if a person you love makes a mistake or does you some harm, you always try to justify them. You try to put yourself in everyone’s shoes and are never judgmental. You have a stronger intuition than most people and can recognize if someone is in trouble or is going through some hard times before they even say it. Since you can remember, even people you don’t know very well have the need to share their secrets with you and ask you for advice. That is because everyone recognizes your sensitivity and sensibility. You simply have that kind of energy and aura.

That is why many people in your life have tried to use you. Being sensitive makes you an excellent friend and an exceptional love partner. When a friend comes to you with a problem, you are truly concerned and worried about them, as if that is happening to you. But people around you rarely appreciate your qualities. They perceive you as a shoulder to cry on and as someone who will always be by their side and have their back, no matter what they do and how they behave. People tend to call you only when they need you and hurt you without consideration. They are aware of your sensitivity when it suits them, but they act like they don’t see it when it comes to their treatment towards you. They maybe don’t know how much their actions can hurt you and that they should be extra careful when it comes to you. You are not the one asking for a special treatment, but you don’t deserve their insensibility. Maybe they know they have hurt you, but simply don’t care.

Our society in general depicts sensitive people as weak. People call you sensitive, soft, or delicate, as if it were a bad thing. You are vulnerable, but that vulnerability opens you up to more disappointment, headaches, and heartaches. But they don’t know that those disappointments and the people who tried to hurt you have made you stronger. Your sensitivity is your strength and power. Even you are not aware of the magnitude of that strength, so don’t expect everyone else to be. You have been through a lot in life and that made you braver and wiser. You didn’t just learn on your experience, your sensitivity gave you the opportunity to learn from other people’s lives and mistakes, because you took everyone’s problems personal. So, don’t allow anyone to ensure you are weak. If you are sensitive, it doesn’t mean you are weak. You would be able to carry the world on your shoulders. Embrace your sensitivity, because it is not a burden, it is a gift.

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