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5 Wrong Moments to Say „I Love You“

Written by Selma

What does “I love you” mean? Whether we like it or not, those three little words can mean a lot. But although it is important, this little phrase is said easily these days, and it has just become it—just a phrase. Some people express their emotions without trouble, while others try to hide them as much as they can. Either way, saying “I love you” is an important point in every relationship. “I love you” has a much less fixed meaning than any other sentence. It can mean “I care for you,” “I like you,” “I can’t imagine my life without you,” or “I’m attracted to you.”

But, sometimes, “I love you” is not as sincere as it should be. Sometimes, people say it because they feel obligated or pressured to say it. Although the general rule is to never say those three words when your emotions don’t follow them, here are five wrong moments to say “I love you.”

When you are drunk

Everything that appears like the best idea ever when you are drunk usually is not. You want to make a romantic gesture, but don’t do it under the influence of alcohol.  When you are drunk, your emotions intensify, so you may feel like you love someone you actually don’t. First of all, you probably won’t be sincere while saying that then. It is also possible for your partner not to believe you, not to take you seriously, and think that only the alcohol is talking. Also, this can look like you didn’t have the courage to tell them you love them when you were sober. Besides, even if he says it back, you want a clear memory of this special moment in your relationship, and if you are drunk, you won’t have it.

During sex

It’s okay to say your partner you love them during sex in later stages of your relationship. But the first time you say it should never be during coitus. The hormones that hit you and the chemicals between the two of you can make you feel like you love him and can make you want to say it. Sex is similar to drugs and alcohol in the sense that you are not thinking straight. You are overwhelmed with emotions and passion and that can easily be misleading. If you have the urge to say these magical words during intercourse, try to think whether you felt it and wanted to say it before sex. Or just wait until it’s over and then think your emotions through. If you still want to say it after you have cleared your mind, go for it!

Because the other person said it

You should never feel obligated to fake your emotions. Everybody takes a different amount of time to fall in love and to start loving someone. You should never say “I love you” just because the other person told you they love you. It’s okay if you still don’t have the same feelings and they should understand you need some time to say it back. It’s always better to be sincere than to give false hope to your partner. They will appreciate you more. Of course, if you feel you loved them, but were just too scared to say it first, you should say it back without a doubt. But, remember, “I love you” should never be forced.

During a fight

These three magical words are important and special, but can never serve as a Band-Aid. If you are in the middle of a fight with your partner, or he is threatening to breakup with you, never use “I love you” to make things right. It’s wrong on many levels. You are probably not being sincere and are only saying that to look better in your partner’s eyes and to confirm your commitment. Besides, if you really feel it, why didn’t you say it before the argument, when it was time? You probably are afraid of losing this person, but that doesn’t have to necessarily mean you love them.

In the beginning

When you start dating someone, you feel butterflies, everything about this person excites you and you could spend every moment with them. Many people mistake it with love. You’ve heard stories about love at first sight and people saying “I love you” on the first date and then remaining together for the rest of their lives, so you think you have finally found your Mr. Perfect and maybe you could say those three magical words. But, wait and think about it. Take a deep breath and be patient to see if this is really love or you are just attracted to this person.

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