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10 Common Things That Most Women Get Turned Off By


Dating someone can be very difficult. You get to ask yourself a lot of questions such as which amount of honesty you should give someone, and how much you should reveal about yourself.

There are no similar beings. Differences are fine, just as the fact that considering we are not same, there must be people in life who don’t like you. They would not like you no matter how hard you try to change yourself. Knowing the facts, let’s find out which things are at least common that turn off most women.

– Wrong evaluation of narrow circle of people.

If the guy that girl is dating is showing much more affection to his male friends, it is not cool. That means he would rather choose them instead of going out with her, it becomes not fine at all. All girls like attention and when a guy starts giving more significance to his boys, a girl starts to bother herself. In that “choosing” situation, a woman feels less important if her partner chooses “man talk” instead of being with her. All women want assurance that men should give a little bit more attention to them. That is because if they are at the beginning of a relationship, they need time together to build it in a healthy way.

– Men who play the height.

In a man’s world it is important to have some highness and women find it less important especially if they are truly in love. Loving someone means to love him or her for who they are, not for who they act to be. If a man is capable and willing to accept all the challenges, including stupid and imprudent ones, it turns off women. Most women prefer modesty.

– Ability to hear but not paying attention.

If you are a man who hears all things your girl is telling you, but yet not able to listen to her, she gets turned off. All women love to communicate, so try to have an interest in what she says to you. Your woman would feel that you commit yourself and there is no doubt that she would not appreciate that. The truth is, girls can be annoying with talks, but try to listen in order to make her talk less.

-You are childish.

Girls don’t like the situation where their partner depends on them. There must have been something unhealthy in a relationship with his mother and that relationship is ruining this one between you two. Men show immaturity when they depend on their mothers, and certainly they should be aware of how important parts have their girls in a relationship they started. Mother should not play the main role in your connection.

– Playing cold.

This fact describes a childish man again. Every time you argue, a boy starts to act to be someone he surely is not. He plays cold even when everything is fine, just to satisfy his inner thoughts. Women, on the other hand, get really turned off by man who is acting like this. It is obvious that you are not mad or upset anymore, so why act in front of a girl you actually love very much and with whom you are completely honest.

– Being a chauvinist.

Women who you treat with respect and who you show that she is equal to you is happy and calm. On the other side, if a man treats her like she or anything that she is doing is not worth it to him, it turns her off. If you want to have a normal relationship, you should value her choices about work, lifestyle, etc. Do not act sexist because women hate that.

– Being self-centered.

This is one more thing that turns women off. There is nothing good in being egotistic when you are with your partner, friends, or colleagues. It would be so much better if you show diffidence and amiability, because everyone will love you more and show you respect and kindness back, including your woman.

– Being more curious than you should.

By asking too many questions, you are showing your girl that you have insecurities about her. It’s a turn off. If you want to have a relationship that is healthy, you should show trust and work on some troubles that you are facing together. Detectives are not welcome.

– Being too compassionate.

The truth is that women find it sexy if men are mushy from time to time. But if you overdo it, it would become hard for woman to handle you. It is fine for you to cry sometimes, no one is a stone without emotions, but if you cry more than your female partner, imagine how fast she would be turned off.

– Loyalty and commitments are not your favorite.

We all know that most women are a little bit more committed than their partner. If you show no interest in her talk and in your time spent together, it is a turn off. You need to let her know that you are completely capable to take the responsibility for your life. If you want a happy and loved woman, be sturdy when making decisions and when you promise something.

10 Common Things That Most Women Get Turned Off By